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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Gone with the Wind Lamp brightens corner in the Sunroom

I was looking for a way to brighten up this corner in the Sunroom and remembered a gorgeous vintage Gone with the Wind lamp that belonged to my Mother.    I've always kept it "safe" in a spare   bedroom.... seldom seen.....and almost forgotten.    


How many of us keep those precious keepsakes so safe that we can't even enjoy them? 

Well,   I for one am going to start bringing those keepsakes out!    

I was amazed at how much the lamp complimented the floral fabric on the sunroom sofa.....

I even made a new centerpiece for the table next to the armoire....

The rose patterned scarf added a touch of elegance to the armoire.    

I swapped the smaller Rooster that was in the armoire for one that I felt was a better fit with the large  Rooster.....

I replaced the garland on the wall with one I made several years ago....

The theme of my garland is "Cole's Seed Store"

Love Grows Here!

I liked the way this corner looked before.....but I LOVE the way it looks now!


  1. What a beautiful lamp, perfect for your corner! Happy Tuesday!

  2. I have a lamp like that and I know what you mean about keeping things safe. I agree...let's bring them out and enjoy them! Your home is so lovely and you inspire me with your decorating ideas!


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