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Friday, May 10, 2024

Milk Glass, Tiered Stand, and a Hand Painted Cake Cover

I am blessed to have a large kitchen with tons of storage in it.   That's great... but there is a downside too! 
 I've found that the more storage space you have.....the more places you have for things to get "lost or forgotten about"

I've kept this set of 3 green milk glass cake plates put away "in a safe place" for so long that I had all but forgotten about them.     I brought out the small and medium cake plate....I left the large one behind to use at another time.    What's so special about my cake plates?    They were a Christmas gift I gave my Mother years ago....
I've kept my silver measuring cups and spoons in the very back of a deep kitchen drawer that I store that kind of stuff in.    Time to get them out and put them to work!

  These cake stands have been safely buried under a stack of other milk glass pieces in a cabinet.   The old me would have never put them out on the kitchen counter.....the new me has them out where I can enjoy them every day!

I fondly remember the day that H bought me my milk glass canister set....

I found my hand painted cake cover tucked safely away in the back part of the island.....

I love the new me!!!!


  1. so beautiful! I love those green cake plates, glad you pulled them out! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Very pretty cake plates. Too lovely to hide away.


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