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Friday, January 16, 2015

What is She Hiding?

What's behind the drape.....what is she hiding you ask!    Well,  I'm not going to show you how bad it looked when I took the drape down....hehehe!

I have had some sort of drape over these shelves for several years.    H took the doors off and put up lighting a long time ago,  but over the years it started looking bad,  I just hung a little drape over it.    Now you all know how I handle things that I don't want to clean!

Before I show you a close up of what's on the shelves,   I wanted to show you my rag wreath.     I made this back in June to put in my hadn't sold,  I brought it home.      I really wanted to keep it back in June,  but I needed to fill my booth first.     I guess it was meant to be here after all.

I wanted to decorate the shelves with accessories that would blend into the cream paint,   so I chose to use some of my ironstone pieces.   

Most of my pieces are yard sale finds,   in fact,  I don't think any of them came from "the store".

I had put my collection of ironstone pitchers on the wall shelf   (top left in the photo)  so,  I continued the theme in this unit as well.

I think the addition of excelsior adds an element of nature to the neutral vignettes.......

This is the small dining area that sets to the side of the kitchen  ( you can see into the kitchen on the far right of the photo)   We are still painting and refreshing the kitchen area and I can't wait to show you what H has been working on.

   Be back soon.....


  1. Hi Penny,
    Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. I love the glass cabinet with your pretty white ironstone collection. I want to paint my oak cabinets white and have been hesitating but after looking at your amazing white kitchen I think I should attempt mine for a spring project! The chalkboard cutlery container is such a great idea. Was it a jewellery box? I must look for something like that. The chandelier looks gorgeous with the lace and touches of pink. And those chairs are just my taste. Such beauty! Happy New Year! Karen

  2. Penny,
    Well, you certainly do not have to hide this now!! So pretty and i love the lighting!! Love the pitchers on the shelf too!!
    I admired that wreath when you first posted it in June. I will have to try to make one once I can get the house in order. I have been working so I do not get much done on the days i work but I will be off the weekend so I should get the Dining Room finished and start the kitchen......


  3. Everything is beautiful Penny! I LOVE ur home. It's what mines aspires to be when it grows up. ..LOL

  4. I never saw your silverware cabinet before. I am looking for one, have been for years! They are a bit over my budget, but I remember them from when I was younger. Now I want one again after seeing yours!

  5. I love the glass cabinet with your gorgeous white ironstone collection. The wreath is fabuolous

  6. Your home is so nice again, I like the wreath
    Hope you have a HPS

  7. cabinet lighting is always wonderful. I had it done in anther home I owned...and I miss it. It would take years to collect enough goodies to decorate like you's all so charming! I'm always showing people your blog. Just too cute and so different! I get such cute idea's.

  8. I like the new look without the drapery. I love seeing the "clutter" of items!

  9. Oh, so much delicious eye candy!! I keep enlarging the photos to take in every little detail. Love all of your pitchers on the shelf - and that wall sconce is gorgeous. Amazing what you have found at garage sales, I rarely have such luck, which is why my ironstone collection is still very small. Can't wait to see what H is working on in the kitchen!!

  10. What a pretty cabinet for your china.... it looks so nice as a room divider. :)

  11. I just love all your beautiful decor. Your pictures are gorgeous! My favorite thing was the excelsior that you used. It was just the right touch. I'm sure my husband will notice me walking around with my bag of excelsior and wonder whats up. I know I have just the right spot for it, I just need to find it. Thank you so much for your great decor ideas!

  12. Penny, my first visit and I am just in awe. Everything is so beautiful! I love the gentle pink touches!

  13. I don't think my previous comment made it through cyber world LOL
    I was saying that I like your white painted silverware chest very much it is right at home in your white room

  14. What a beautiful home and you did a great job with everything!

  15. Penny, your home makes me happy every time I look at your site! I love it all! I'd love for you to share your beautiful work on my link parties each Wednesday
    P.S. I would have bought the wreath, it's beautiful! Enjoy it! :)

  16. Hi Penny, I love the rag wreath!!! And the open shelving in view now! Thanks for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week!

  17. A great spot for some of your treasures.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.


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