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Friday, June 16, 2017

Sunny Sunflower Vignette

I had so much fun creating this sunflower vignette at  the east corner of the studio.

The east corner of the studio is where I have a faux door.........the last time you saw this part of the studio was  when I shared my moss covered mailbox you see on the right side of the door.     If you missed that post,   here is a link to it with all the details.....

I haven't shared many photo's of this corner because it was pretty boring as you can see in the before photo on the left.   In fact I couldn't find a photo showing it very well!    
 The first thing I did was fill the area between the building and the white iron foot board with a white iron bakers rack.     I've had this bakers rack several places over the years,  but this may be my favorite place .....  so far.

  I took down the black mailbox that was hung to the side of the faux door and replaced it with a flower pot holder.     I filled my pot holder with three ceramic pots filled with yellow petunias.  
I've had this weathered wood and metal pot holder for years and had forgotten about it!    I found it the other day when we cleaning out one of my "stash" areas.       In the process of cleaning these area's,    I've gotten rid of  some stuff and fell back in love with other things!

I hung a simple sunflower welcome flag on the door......

Then I began filling the baker rack's shelves with some of my garden goodies.    This hat bird house is a recent find at a yard sale......$2.

I put a plant on the second shelf and put some fun  metal picks in it.......

The stove top you see my bunny sitting on sits in front of the bottom part of the bakers rack,   so I don't have anything on the rest of the shelves.
 You may remember my rabbit bird house I found at a yard sale a few weeks ago.    It found a place on the top of a vintage stove top along with a couple of birdhouses. .    
The two big sunflowers came from a late summer yard sale last year.....$2 each.

Here is a better photo of the vintage metal stove top that sits in front of the bakers rack.

  Don't ask me why I put a musical instrument in the cavity at the bottom of the stove top.....I just!

In the far left of the photo,   you can see my new "flower bed"    If you missed that post,   here is a link to it......

Have a fun and safe week end!


  1. The sunflowers do add color and interest. :)

  2. Very pretty and I love the hat birdhouse!

  3. That bunny bird house is adorable. Such a great corner. I have the same baker's rack. This is a great spot.

  4. It has been a long time since I have visited your blog, but it never disappoints. Followed you from the To Grandma's House party.

  5. Lots of pretty additions to the area Penny. Those sunflowers are spectacular!

  6. Love the bed frames you've used in your vignettes. They look great!

  7. Penny,
    The amount of lovely decor and great architectural pieces that you have in your garden never ceases to amaze me! Both you and H are so imaginative and so creative with all your buildings on your property!!


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