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Sunday, January 26, 2020

New Lighting & a New Look for the Hall Bath

Over the last few months,  I have been gradually updating the lighting in our home.   
First, the kitchen got new lighting over the island and then just a few weeks ago the laundry room got a makeover and new lighting.    The next room in line for new lighting was the hall bath.     H claims this bathroom,   so I decided to create a fun new look for it along with the new lighting.

This is the side of the counter that H uses,   so I started the decor on this end with a gorgeous horse canvas print by Debi Coules.

I hung the hand towels on a horse bit and topped them off with a cute saddle.

Here is the before and after showing the new lights over the counter.    I picked out modern farmhouse lights.....with a hint of industrial.

I have a sweet silk floral design in the center of the counter......

We don't use the decorative hand  towels I have hanging on the wall to dry our hands.    I keep a stack of wash cloths in the white enamel cow dish that we use once and toss in the hamper.

I thought this Kick off  your boots and stay a while metal sign added a whimsical note to the decor  in the hall!

Here's the side of the counter that is mine when I use this bathroom.    

I've had this card that was made using a vintage hanky for her skirt for a long long time,    so I hope no one will ask me where it came from because I honestly don't remember!

Here's how the new light looks on this side of the counter.

The mirrors on each end of the counter reflect the wall on the other side of the room.

I removed the tan and cream buffalo check ribbons that I had on the lamp shades and replaced them with black and white ones.

I took all the clutter that I had on this counter off and replaced it with a simple floral design and a cow skin throw.

The last thing I did to give the bathroom a fresh look was to add a floral wreath to the arch in the window.

I put a metal chicken in my wreath and hung a Roses sign above it.....and the hall bath is done!.

I always enjoy your visits so  much,   please come back again soon!


  1. I love the wreath Penny. So beautiful in the window. Your bathroom is lovely.

  2. Hi, Penny. I'm loving your trimmed down look everywhere in your home. I know we have been changing over to all the 'new' LED lighting. Latest addition is in the basement ---now long flourescent tubes can be replaced with LED tubes in your old fixtures....really got to love the light that way. Your counter and bathroom is adorable and love the 'Cowgirl'! Hugs, Sandi

  3. Love your new lighting. The only thing I would hate is that my wrinkles and sags would show up more clearly. At least your pinks would be flattering! Always enjoy seeing your posts--such a lovely mix of farmhouse and romantic!

  4. Lovely lighting in your bathroom! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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