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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dining in the Sunroom

I wanted to share some changes that we've made in the dining area of the sunroom.
This is how the area looked before.....
The vintage hanging lamp over the dining table has been replaced with a pretty pink and blue stained glass $12.50......
The rag garland that was hanging at the top of the door was moved to the lower part of the door.   In it's place I hung a vintage Home Interior bicycle that H put a new coat of white paint on....the bicycle is a $1 yard sale purchase.
I moved the tea cart table to the Tea Room and replaced it with a round card table  (!)   I also moved 2 of the 4 chairs to the kitchen table.    I set the table with my "new" auction dishes......
No one at the auction wanted these dishes because there weren't any tea cups in the set, so I got 30 pieces for $5.   I repurposed the saucers and made them coasters for the water!

There were 7 dinner plates,  5 soup bowls,  a large platter,  a serving bowl,  8 saucers ,  and 8 small dessert plates
The table is layered with a quilt, a rose patterned sheet.....
and a pretty linen tablecloth.

The pretty gold table on the right is holding the serving bowl to my new set.....
This is the largest table from a set of three stacking tables.   No one at the auction wanted it because the other two tables were I got it for $2.50.

H collects vintage smoking stands and I repurposed this one to hold the two tea cups that I will serve tea in after lunch.
Thanks for stopping by......I always enjoy your visits!


  1. I love all the french doors which make this room so open! Beautiful!

  2. Oh your space is so romantic and unique and pretty!

    You are a GREAT bargain hunter, holy moley those prices - soooo much for super cheap, yay!

    I have found various sets cheaply that were missing their teacups, and you can find ivory or white gilded teacups on ebay sometimes missing their saucers......marry the two and there you go. They always look as though they belong together then.

    You did a fantastic job on this pretty tea time space. Love it.

  3. PS

    Didn't realize I wasn't following you - have had a number of those I was following "stop" being a follower recently. So, that's fixed. I am now your newest follower. Again.

    God bless.

    Smiles, Michele

  4. Penny,
    Everything is so pretty but I REALLY Love the lamp! It is very similar to my table lamp in the LR. Those dishes are drop dead gorgeous! I love the use of a quilt on the table and the gold table is stunning!!

    And what great prices!!!

    I am finally done with my 2 week period of long stretches and now have 3 days off Whoopee!!


  5. Love to come here and visit.
    I love how fancy everything looks..
    Love it.

  6. Loved how you layered the table....gorgeous.

  7. I like the changes! Great dishes!

  8. Your sunroom is so pretty, Penny. The changes you made are perfect. I love the rose theme, and am amazed at the great auction items you found for so little money. Well done. ~ Nancy

  9. Everything looks great. I like the new look..and liked the older look as it showed off the table. Really like that bike. :)

  10. Everything looks wonderful and the dishes for $5 are great, how awesome! I would love to go shopping with you Penny, you sure find treasures for next to nothingggg!!! I love your changes, it's a lovely room.

  11. Love it all of course. My china is on the way finally! I wish it were a bargain like you got on yours! They are beautiful and by the way...what a great idea to have coasters for glasses at the table! I think all glasses need coasters.
    I've been searching for just the perfect rag Fall/Halloween garland but so far, not a thing has turned up. Penny, I think I am spoiled for the abundance of your rags and how well done yours are. Others I've seen do not compare!

    You really cozied up your tea's wonderful!!

  12. You set a gorgeous table! I can't believe no one wanted that china. Oh well, their loss is your gain! I love the changes you've made. Happy Paint Party Friday! Hugs, Terri

  13. What a beautiful setting. I won't even tell you where my china is right now. You are a talented lady!

  14. What a great find! That's a really nice chair, and looks like the perfect piece for your room.
    Attractive Dressing Table Design

  15. Great deal on that stacking table! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn't it! Your décor is very beautiful! Stopping by from Chain Linky Climb.

  16. Aaahh so beautiful! Love those dishes and what a deal you got on them.

  17. Oh how sweet Penny! I love everything!! The new look is so YOU. I love vintage smoking stands and this use for one is over the top. You never cease to amaze us!!

    Blessings & hugs, Edie Marie

  18. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing @ TTF!

  19. So pretty Penny, thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  20. Wonderful update! I like the larger round table with the layered cloths. A much lusher look! Pretty details, as well... :-)


  21. Bargains galore and a beautiful table!

  22. I LOVE that table! Who cares if the other two were missing? It's beautiful. Love your layered table look, too, Penny. Thanks for joining the Thrifty Life Thursday link party at Revisionary Life!

  23. It looks very pretty in that sunroom!

  24. What a gorgeous sunroom! I would love to dine there :) And guess what, I have your lovely rose auction dishes (with the tea-cups ;)

    Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Penny! I love looking at all your pretty pictures!

  25. Great updates my friend and a beautiful table! And I cannot believe no one wanted that tray table...their loss!

  26. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  27. Hi Penny, what a great finds. Love your home and your decorations again and again.I have had for a cupple of years exact this lamp. I gifted the lamp a very good friend of mine. I wish you a wonderful week. hugs Beate from Germany

  28. Hi Penny, what a great finds. Love your home and your decorations again and again.I have had for a cupple of years exact this lamp. I gifted the lamp a very good friend of mine. I wish you a wonderful week. hugs Beate from Germany


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