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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Oh Deer, Christmas at the Auction

There was a big auction Saturday that lasted all day many antiques and unique!       It was hard to decide what I wanted to buy.....everything.....but,   I have a budget to stick to!  

I spotted him as soon as I walked in the door.    I am not normally drawn to brass,  but he was gorgeous.....and so was his  friend on  the bed.   

One of the estates that was being auctioned off had tons of brass.   These ducks were life size and so pretty.

But......he was still calling to me......

One lady there bought almost all of the brass candlesticks for her daughters upcoming wedding.    I can only imagine how beautiful it will be.

I did buy a couple of pieces of brass that I will show you another time....but I kept reminding myself....stay in your auction budget or you won't have enough money left to buy him!

The floor lamps were gorgeous.....

The table lamps too!    

There were several pretty nativity sets.    I really liked this one,  but one of my auction buddies really wanted it,  so I didn't bid on it .

Aren't these vintage phones cool?

This Cinderella carriage caught my eye.....

If you read my blog,  you know that I have my grandmothers Dessert Rose dishes and I have added several pieces to her set over the years.    I  would have bid on the cookie jar,  but they sold all of these dishes as a set......and the set went PRETTY HIGH!

I had to wait until about 4:00 for my deer to come around,   but we have friends at the auction to visit with.

I had my eye on one of these vintage clocks,  but it didn't come home with me.

There were tons of dishes at the auction and I did buy a small set that I will show you another time.
I thought this childs bed was so unique.    It is hinged down the center of the head and foot board,  so you can fold it in half !

Isn't he gorgeous!      He weighs a!  
 He found a home next to the harp table in the entry way.   I wanted him to feel right at home,  so I surrounded him with trees and greenery......

   I bought this lush wreath at a yard sale this past summer.   I put it on a wreath stand instead of hanging it.   I tied a ribbon at the top and set a small brass deer in front of antlers and shimmery greenery on each side......a simple and quick Christmas vignette.
I used a chicken wire cloche as a tree topper......

I tucked some tree  greenery into the hanging chandy......added some dried roses to the trees......bird nest ......ribbon.....

At the bottom of the tree is a wire basket with a bird and nest in it......

What should I name him?


  1. Penny,
    He looks like a Prince!! LOVE him! so unique but beautiful! Brass is coming back big time, I hear!! He is drop dead gorgeous and i just love how you have him displayed!! PERFECT!! And the wreath on a stand!! I have about 6 wreath stand that i used when i did craft fair so the is such a great idea!!

  2. How many treasures! Great find, Penny as usual

  3. Loving your Christmas decorating and amazed at how much you do! Doubly amazing since you just got done decorating for the wedding. Wow, you rock!

  4. Your new deer is very handsome! So many amazing (and tempting) things at the auction...

  5. Wow Penny, he is very majestic and looks right at home! Thanks for sharing him with SYC.

  6. oh my goodness he is so regal, Maybe Prince? thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  7. Love the deer! I bet they were heavy! That sure was a lot of brass.

  8. Penny!!! You seem to get more lavish as the years go by. Lovely and amazing. Thank you for sharing!


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