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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mud Pies and a Pink Garden Hose Spring Tablescape

I had so much fun creating this Spring tablescape.  
 It all began with getting to make mud pies....something I haven't done in years!      These mud pies are a little different than the ones I used to make as a child,   but I have to admit they were almost as messy.     I took a few pic's as I made them,   so I may do a small tutorial if anyone is interested.

I laid out the table in two different ways as I moved things around to get my photo's.

   This is the first one.......chairs are located in the corners of the table.

This way the chairs are side by side and across from each other.

I'll start my tour of the tablescape with the centerpiece.  
 I used a pink garden hose as the container for my floral design....the hose is available on Amazon....$20.      I filled the center of my hose with a shredded paper nest and a single egg shell.    I tucked faux silk roses and ferns around the nest and then added fresh cut blossoms from the front yard.

With so many "sweets" in the tablescape,   I decided to have a tea party.  

 I have a rose fairy and a fairy bunny hosting the party.   The hummingbird piece is actually a tea pot,   the little removable rose bud is the lid.    The flower buds sitting by the fairies on a leaf are the tea cups.

Place settings consist of a bunny lace cloth napkin with a tea cup napkin holder.......and a vintage water glass.

I have a paper bunny napkin an small fork to serve dessert.

This is the other style place setting where I used a different bunny plate.

The charger  is the plain white bunny plates that you have seen me use in many of my tablescapes.

Now for some close ups of my mud pies,   cakes,   and loaf cakes.

After I painted the styrofoam a dark brown dirt color,    I frosted with sheet moss,  and added dry flowers and fillers to the top of each creation.

I placed my round pieces of foam in small metal pie plates,   the rectangle pieces went into small loaf pans.

I placed my cake pieces on lacey pink metal dessert plates  and the three tiered cake went on a small pink
glass cake plate.
  On the far right side of the photo,  you can see how I put one of my metal pie plates on a pink ice cream dish.    I did this because I had several "desserts" that were low and I needed another one that was more the height of the tall three tiered cake.

Happy Spring Everyone!


  1. Miss Penny this goes to show you can make anything pretty. Mud pies ....they look good enough to eat & I love the moss on them. The pink water hose ...who would ever thought about doing a center piece with it(lol) It is BEAUTIFUL. Wouldn't it be pretty laying out side next to you pretty pike flowers. I love it. A job well done. xx Lou

  2. Ohhh... The mud pies are amazing. You are very talented and always very inventive
    Hugs Alessandra

  3. A pink water hose centerpiece that looks pretty. Great novel idea, I have never seen a pink hose and if I did I'd own it. Everything about your home is feminine. Your friends must love an invite to see what you've been up to. Lovely tablescape. The little bunny plate with the glasses are my favorite and those mud pies with moss are something else as well.

  4. Absolutely exquisite - - makes me sigh!!! A lovely, lovely tablescape.

  5. I've just had a giggle over this---on my morning line-up I came straight from "Happier Than A Pig In Mud" to HERE for the most charming mud pies and pastries I've ever seen. Not since the time we stripped my Mammaw's Cleome plant for all the blossoms to decorate for a Doll Wedding reception, not to mention cooking all the little "peas" hanging from the plant, has there been such attention to the celebration of MUD.

    Absolutely whimsically perfect. And I thought I'd never see another of "my" little pink glass cake-stands---mine came from a yard sale, I believe, and it came with a half-size cake server, so I bought it for Sweetpea's small tea parties. It usually is topped with a couple of cookies or a Little Debbie or two for an impromptu cuppa, and now it takes center stage for the main event---lovely.

    The pink hose is calling me, as well.


  6. Adorable! Yes please share the tutorial on the "art" of making mud pies!

  7. This has to be the MOST FUN post you have ever made. And, my Dear---you have made lots of fun post, love this--the creativity of it all. Grins, may have to adapt this if I can find a yellow hose somewhere! Grins and thanks, Sandi

  8. Of course, you must server real muddies with coconut frosting...and marzipan critters. Hmmm===

  9. Your table looks beautiful and I love those bunny plates you have !

  10. Wonderfully whimsical tea party! And I'm captivated by your centerpiece!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  11. Penny,
    This is probably one of the most imaginative posts I have ever seen you do....The centerpiece with the pink hose is absolutely amazing. And the mud cakes and pies are so charming and so imaginative!!! I love them!!
    Thanks so much for sharing tour talents and imagination with us!

  12. How creative using a pink hose for an Easter basket/planter! The ideas you come up with are so amazing! Your table setting is so cute and whimsical. Love the bunny plates, the little fairies and bunnies, and absolutely love the mud pies/desserts you made! I really can't believe you made those from styrofoam. The texture on them makes them seem quite real. Fabulous Spring/Easter table decor.

  13. I adore the mud pies honestly all the ideas from the hose to the bunny plates are wonderful

  14. What a cute idea for a centerpiece! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  15. Oh my gosh, I have never seen hose used in a centerpiece like this it is so cute!!! I have seen wreathes with hose before. Thank you for sharing on Friday Features last week-This week your featured!!! Hope you'll stop by later!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  16. I love your mudpies; now I have to be on the lookout for some holey styrofoam. I upcycle the smooth stuff for my silk flower arrangements; glue Spanish moss to the top a dthge stems finish holding it in place. I'd love to see another arrangment of dolls having a teaparty with your mudpies like we did as kids. Just too cute!


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