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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fall Mantel on the Porch

H and I have taken advantage of the gorgeous fall weather this week to clean the front porch and pack away summer linens and  decorative items  for the winter.    

We took down the empty window frame that was over the faux fireplace and replaced it with a yard sale coffee table.    If you missed the post showing the transformation of a coffee table to a mantle piece,   here is a link to it......

I used pumpkins,  greenery,  and a deer family to create a fall design on the mantel.

I just love all the imperfections on the pumpkins.....

H used the legs on the coffee table to make two shelves on the new mantel piece.   I placed a white baby boo pumpkin on each shelf.

It was late afternoon before I finished the mantel and I loved the way it looked with the setting sun on it. 

 We made some tumbleweed trees this week,  and I have one placed on each side of the fireplace.    If you missed that post, here is a link to it......

Isn't this pumpkin it!

I placed a couple of my pumpkins in metal urns to elevate them and add interest to my fall mantelscape.....

When pumpkin season is over,    I will save all the stems.     I let them dry and pack them away for use in projects next year.

   I used them to make mushrooms this year.    If you missed that post,   here is a link to it......

I printed a fall banner to hang across the front of the fireplace.   Need one for your fall decorating?    Here's a link to pick up your FREE printable.....

You can find the pretty greenery I used around my pumpkins at Hobby's 50% off this week!

The ruffled umbrella cover I made that you see in the background has seen it's last year,   so I didn't pack it away.     I'll start looking for a replacement at the yard sales.

I brought out some fall pillows for the wicker love seat on this side of the fireplace.     

I have two pillows covered with fall shams and in the center is a pumpkin I made using a throw pillow. 
Here's a link to my pumpkin pillows if you missed that post......

H and I are going to have supper on the porch today.   
 If it's a heavy meal in the evening,   I call it dinner.......if it's a lite meal,  I call it supper.

Since our meal is a lite salad,   I decided to serve it on pretty plates.

Since the sun is starting to set,   I think I'll bring out some candles......

Don''t you think a simple salad looks so much better on a pretty plate?

Happy Fall Ya'll!


  1. I love the pumpkins in the urns! Actually the whole mantel vignette is divine.
    :) gwingal

  2. Penny,
    The mantel is looking so charming!! I am alswyas amazed at the amount of itmes that you have outside and that they tolerate the weather...

  3. Love the American Limoge plates... isn't it funny... we are on the east coast and I have tea cups and saucers with a few dessert plates with the same hand painted flowers. our decorating is always an inspiration. Thanks for sharing with so many... I never say thanks often enough.

  4. Such a lovely setting, so romantic Penny. Thank you for stopping by to share on #omhgff this week.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love the outdoor mantel, Penny! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinned!

  6. Such a gorgeous space to enjoy any kind of meal Penny. Your porch and the mantle is absolutely lovely. Everything just works so beautifully together

  7. Stunning! Seriously! What a gift you have!

  8. I love how you decorate your porch for all of the seasons. I can't get enough of the fairytale pumpkins!

  9. Everything looks better on a pretty plate. Love your fall decor and I just know how cozy it must be to dine there in the evening. #merrymonday

  10. Lovely fall mantel idea & for your porch. Amazing. Thanks for sharing at the #inspirationspotlight party. Stopping by to let you know your post has been shared & pinned.


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