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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Sheep

Does anyone else decorate with sheep at Christmas?

I use sheep  (and rabbits)  in my decor year round,  so it makes perfect sense  (to   to create a Christmas vignette  in the sun room using sheep.   
  First,   I have a sheep tapestry hanging over the buffet.......

Then,   I have sheep under the Christmas tree.......

I have sheep pictures......

There is  a truck pulling  a sheep........

Oops...  that's not a sheep in the back of that truck!    How did that goat get in my sheep vignette?

I have a little lamb in the back of a pick up truck.......

There are sheep everywhere!

Mama and baby.......

This is where Ky sits to do her homework....she has a TV tray that she sets up to put it all on.      She keeps her Notebook plugged in on the side table......and of course there's a plug in for her phone!

I added a Christmas wreath to her giraffe lamp shade he's all dressed for Christmas. 

And lastly   (is that a word?)   .......I have a moss covered sheep standing in  a small wreath sitting on her table.

Merry Christmas!


  1. All of that is super sweet. Personally, I love nothing more than creating vignettes. (I do that year round. I just can't help myself).

    I love all of your sheep. (Unfortunately, we only have 1 in our Christmas decor but he likes it that way because he has a bit of an ego).

    I also enjoyed the picture frame with the 3 trees inside. I've been thinking of doing that someplace in my bedroom, with one of my old empty frames, but it already looks like Christmas hurled in there so... I don't know if that sweet frame of mine has a destiny or not this Christmas.


  2. I think the sheep are adorable... Merry Christmas to you, too!

  3. I do more deer than sheep... but I love sheep and I love your collection/display of them.

  4. This looks so cute :) Thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a great day.

  5. LOVE this Penny, of course sheep and rabbits year round! your sheep are just so sweet, love the ones nestled into the "snow" under the tree!

  6. Your decoration are perfect cant wait to open your posts in the morning sure puts a smile on my face that-last threw out the day Merry Christmas to you and H see you tomorrow as you share with us you great talent and beautiful creations just one question is that giraffe really a lamp ???

  7. Penny,
    What a super sweet vignette you have created!! I have to say that I do not have one sheep!! I can hear you gasping all the way here in Pa.!! LOL!! I adore that giraffe lamp!! Your grand daughter must really enjoy sitting in the sun room enjoying all your wonderful Christmas decor!!

  8. So cute! Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm!

  9. Now you know me that truck would be BFF's. That is adorable Penny! I am going to have to try and hunt down one of those. Loving your vignette, its darling.

  10. Awww - I love that you've incorporated your sheep into your seasonal decor. I know I love animal motifs in general and have my favourites (birds and deer, especially) and I'm always looking for ways to incorporate them into my decor all year long!

  11. I have a small collection of sheep I set out for Christmas & Easter. I'd love to have a mamma & baby set! Sheep are actually kind of hard to find. I only feed my collections through thrifting & almost never see them. But I do always browse the Christmas decorations in hopes of finding pieces from old nativities.


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