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Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring Porch

It took me all day,   but I have the front porch ready for spring.      Since the front porch is so big,    you better grab a cup of coffee and sit down.....this post is a long one!

Welcome to the porch!

H built a faux fireplace on the porch a couple of years ago.     

He also built a Farmhouse table that we enjoy using for big family cook outs 

I decorated the fireplace mantle using the birdhouse that I used last year.   H screws it to the mantle so it won't break if the wind blows it off.

I put a basket of strawberries on each side of the birdhouse.    I dressed the baskets up by sticking some sprays of babies breath in.     I printed off a Strawberries for sale sign to place by each basket

I completed the mantel decor by adding a concrete bird to each side.

I have picked up vintage metal lawn chairs for years.....mostly at yard sales.    I have 8 to sit around the Farmhouse table,  but could probably squeeze in a couple more if I found them.

I have a simple centerpiece on the table.   
 I filled Mason jars with snowball blooms from the back yard.    The blooms on our snow ball bush haven't turned white yet,  but they should by the end of the week.

There is a large chandelier hanging over the Farmhouse table.

I layered the wicker sofa with a crocheted piece.....then a seat cushion...... and some pillows.

Above the sofa hangs a pastel flag that I made a couple of years ago.

I have a small quilt on the sofa to use on a chilly night.

Next to the sofa.     is a pair of wicker rockers.

I made cushions for the rockers using the same fabric as I did for the sofa.

I have a lit mirror above the table between the rockers.    The side of the porch that I have the furniture on is covered and I can decorate it like I do the inside of the house.

On the buffet by the front door,    I have two pots of lavender.

On the far end of the porch are the two chaise lounges that are H and I's favorite place to sit.

I covered the cushions for the lounge chairs in a coordinating fabric.

I have a large scenic curtain hung on this end of the porch.

On the opposite end of the porch is H's grill.

I have a vintage iron baby crib  with wash tubs of geraniums on this end of the porch.

The vintage scales have a big pot of faux flowers in a metal bucket on them.

I warned you this was a long post.....didn't I!

I can't end the tour of the spring porch without some photo's of it in the evening. 

 I have a lit garland hung across the fireplace

Two hanging lamps light the way to the front door......

The chandy over the table ........canister lighting in the ceiling 

There is more  seating in different places around the yard and also more lighting.

  I hope you enjoyed a tour of the spring front porch......come back soon!


  1. Soooooo beautiful Penny......wished I lived closer so I could visit in person. I think your settings have to be so quiet and peaceful......

  2. I know you show us some of the same pieces, year after year----but it always looks new...and is an inspiration to us reuse and redo! Great photos, and I wish I could stop by and have a cup of coffee right there, Penny!

  3. Your porch looks so sweet and I love the way it looks at nights with the warm lighting. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. wow!! very lovely.. perfect for afternoon tea party..

  5. This is your FRONT porch? Are your neighbors watching when you have gatherings? We live in the country and on the side of a mountain with a certificates. But, I can't get past it being the front porch and all my life, we always entertained in the back.

  6. Wow, you have a dream front yard! It looks like a movie set.... especially the night pics!
    Thank you for sharing, it's very inspiring

  7. So beautiful! I'm new to this blog. Where do you live that you dare have a front porch like this? I wouldn't dare try something like that here in the Northwest. I envy you as I sit here in my living room because its 50 degrees and raining outside my window.

  8. I would be visiting all the time just to sit on that wonderfully decorated and inviting porch!! It is beautiful and fun and bright and inviting.

  9. The porch looks gorgeous and it looks fairy at night

  10. The post wasn't too long at all. I enjoy going through each photo very slowly to take in all the beauty. Your vignettes are always so lovely and inviting. Your posts always motivate me to go out and create something charming the way you do. You're so creative and it's great that you have H to build actual pieces based on your visions. He's a keeper!!!! haha

  11. Lovely, Penny. What a huge porch area you have to play with, and you've made it lots of fun.
    I love the floral quilts you have used. Cheers from Jesse, visiting from Simply Neutrals Tuesday.

  12. Oh my goodness gracious. What a delightful porch! And I "thought" I had a big one. My house has a wraparound porch and is one of the biggest (I think) in my small town, but yours really takes the cake. What fun it must be decorating it. I am new to your blog and look forward to reading some of your past posts and finding out where you live. We are not always able to enjoy our porch as much as I like once the hot hot weather gets here in the south...and when the mosquitoes come out! Please come visit my blog sometimes...I've just started back with it after a l-o-n-g break. Have a blessed day.

  13. I was looking at a copper bin this weekend just like yours to put in the same flowers, geraniums!!!! But it was too expensive.

  14. I have porch envy! Houses in the UK very rarely have porches, and having grown up in Canada, I really miss them! You have done such a beautiful job of decorating your porch and making it look comfortable and welcoming, Penny. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with The Hearth and Soul Link Party. I hope you are having a lovely week!

  15. So Gorgeous!! Your porch is Magical. Loved looking at all the pictures. Very Dreamy!! Wonder where you live? to be able to have a front porch like this - open. We live in the Catskill Mountain and even with a covered porch the weather is really something with the rain sometimes. Thank you for making my night!!

  16. Penny!!!
    OMG!!!! You have outdone yourself this year!! Your porch looks amazing!!! I LOVE everything from the vintage chairs to the fireplace and birdhouse, to the chandy to the dark colored (black?) wicker chairs, to the fabric on the cushions,to the flowers and the lighting!!! Magnificent!!!! I just have to mention that we had a covering of snow this morning!!!! We are supposed to start seeing seasonal normal temps. next the 60's..... One can only hope!!I am going to share this post in my face book page!!

  17. Your porch is really lovely, Penny! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  18. my ONLY regret about living in Alaska is that we don't have warm nights when it's dark outside--it's either light 18 hours a day OR it's dark at night and too cold to be out.

  19. Gorgeous as always! I would never want to get off the porch!!! Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen

  20. Penny, your porch is so lovely! You have truly outdone yourself! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the fan favorites at The Showcase. Here is the link so you can check out your feature! Have a happy week! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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