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Monday, July 30, 2018

Styling a Three Tiered Stand

Tiered stands are so easy to style!   
 Just fill the tiers with an assortment of seasonal or holiday decor and you have a centerpiece ready in the blink of an eye!    Well,   maybe not that fast......but pretty!

I love flowers.......fresh,   faux,  or dried......I love 'um all! 

   I'm using a combination of flowers for my centerpiece.    I created a floral design to place next to my tiered stand using silk flowers

I selected this metal container to put the flowers in since it has a Cotton theme on it.     I used cotton bolls in the tiered stand,   and I thought this container tied the two together.

I filled all the compartments in my tiered stand with a combination of dried potpourri ........cotton bolls......and dried roses.

The dried materials created a soft bed to set some farmhouse style animals in.

On the top tier,   I have a white enamel cow.    

The second tier has a white enamel  pig......

Isn't she sweet.......

And the bottom tier has a white enamel rooster on it.         

You can find the white enamel farm animals in the 2018 Christmas ornament isle at Hobby Lobby.    

To tie everything together,    I put it all on a large white tobacco basket.

I never dreamed I would find a tobacco scented candle AND love the smell of it!    Check them out at Kirklands......

Til next time..........


  1. You are a great decorator. I love the wonderful tray full of all pretty things. I bet that candle smells nice. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Penny,
    I never saw such a candle! Interesting! Love how you styled that charming tiered tray!!
    Very pretty!! I think I am all caught up on your posts now.... We will be having another rainy week here but not as bad as 2 weeks ago with record breaking rain or so they say...

  3. Oooh, I covet those enamel farm animals! Especially the cow, which I have a small collection of. Would you mind sharing where you found them?

    I also love the tiered stand and all the florals in it. Does it actually have three tiers or is it setting on something? The whole arrangement looks very charming--and so "you".

    Thanks for sharing all the lovelies!

    1. Hi Naomi, you have a keep is a two tiered stand that I have it setting on something! I bought the white enamel farm animals at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas isle just a few days ago. hugs....

  4. Always love what you share each week! Make sure to link up on Wall to Wall DIY!

  5. That's so gorgeous!! I really need a three-tiered stand now.... :)

  6. Penny, how gorgeous! I have a tendency to arrange something a certain way and, if I like it, I just keep it forever rather than changing it up as you do. It's called l-a-z-y, I suppose! :D

  7. Hi, Penny! I love your tiered tray. I also adore your tobacco basket. I never thought to paint mine! It seems like a great idea and I love the way you styled your tray as well. I'm featuring this in this week's Make Life Pretty Monday link party. Hope to see you again tonight starting at 8 pm!

    Kate | The Organized Dream

  8. Lovely display, Penny! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  9. Oh Penny! I love those cow-pig-chicken ornaments. Good thing I have to go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow. Your tiered tray turned out to be so wonderful. I love that you added roses to the mix. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to have to drag out all my stuff and copycat the reck out of this vignette! I will give you all the highly deserved credit of course.

  10. Roses are lovely and I really love how you combined everything. Beautiful.

  11. Penny, I'm still loving your tiered tray. I featured it today in my post as I wanted to share it and have not been able to find the enamel animal ornaments at our local Hobby Lobby. I'll be looking for them at other locations, but in the meantime wanted to go ahead with my kopy-cat post.


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