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Monday, February 18, 2019

Need Some Inspiration to start your Spring Decorating?

When I get ready to start my spring decorating,    one of the first things I do is look back at the spring posts I have done in previous years. 
   This photo I took last spring shows the Bradford pear trees that line our front drive in full bloom.    I hope they are as pretty when they bloom this year.     They are budded out now and ready to bloom   but it will probably be another couple of weeks      If this photo doesn't give me enough inspiration to start my spring decorating ...nothing can!

As I look thru last years photo's,     I also get a visual inventory of what I have on hand and how I used it last year......or maybe a few years ago.       I try to use my decorating pieces in a different room or way each year.

Last year,     I cut lots of Bradford pear blooms and used them in vignettes
EVERYWHERE!     This is one  I created on the front porch.

Last year I filled my metal tire with silk cabbages and made a fabric carrot garland to hang in front of it.     Who knows where those pieces will show up in Spring 2019!

This is a vignette I created on the kitchen counter several years ago.    

Paper mache bunnies in an Easter vignette on the kitchen counter last spring.

Cloth eggs that I made in 2017 and used in a vignette on the kitchen counter.

I made my cloth eggs using small pieces of fabric on styro eggs .....

In 2018,    my cloth eggs were displayed in a cabinet in the formal dining room.

Find anything to inspire you yet?

WELL,    keep looking!     I have lots more to show you!

Do you have a tea cup display unit ......or two

I love to display holiday decor in these types of units

I love to make banners and garlands.......

I use them all the time in my decor......

Some are simple......some are cloth......some are paper.......some are store bought

Some garlands are pretty this one I made several years ago.

I almost forgot about these sweet ceramic houses!     I haven't used them in several years,   think I might dig them out this year.......I know right where they are since I just organized the spring cabinets in the studio

I don't decorate every room each season......just Christmas .        I pretty much do every room at Christmas.

My Easter village ........

I've also used these houses at Valentine vignettes and also Christmas ones.      I custom painted each of the houses you see here.

I like shabby chic decor,   but I also like blingy stuff too!

I am really partial to the foil Easter decor......

This is one of my favorite spring vignettes.......

One year,   I glued tea cups to a big platter and filled them with little vignettes......

Bunny in a Birdcage......

I have a bedroom decorated in Boho style for our grand daughter to use when she spends the night.     She doesn't want too much decor in her room,  but I did manage to put a couple of Boho bunnies on her dresser last year.

I love to make big.....BIG floral designs for the holidays........

Are you tired of seeing spring decor yet?

I hope not.    cause there's a few more photo'!

Nothing gets me in the mood to decorate for spring like photo's of the greenhouse........

I sometimes decorate the greenhouse for Easter.........

I may only add a bunny or two,   but I put a little Easter decor in there.

I hope you enjoyed this EXTRA long post.......and that you found some inspiration for your spring decorating!

    I always enjoy a visit.....come back anytime!


  1. Bonjour,

    C'est très sympathique de faire un petit retour en arrière de vos petits billets.

    Merci pour toutes ces belles photos.

    Gros bisous 🌸


  2. Great decorations. Best regards from Poland.

  3. Penny, THANK YOU for your post. I need all the Spring I can get. We are to have 10 day of cold, very cold where I live. I do love your fireplace with the beautiful lights.
    I found a string of pink bunny lights at a thrift store. Just could not pass them up.
    Thanks again and again for these beautiful pictures. PS I do love the flowers on the pear trees.

  4. Your spring decor is wonderful! I too love whimsical themes. Thanks for all of your pictures!

  5. Hi Penny ~ How beautiful ! Love the soft pastels, and your spring garden themes. You are so creative and brilliant ! Thank you for posting such inspiring loveliness !

    Warmest, maryanne

  6. Lots of inspiration, Penny... that's for sure! I really want to make some cloth eggs. (Do you have DIY tutorials?) Also, love your lambie display. I prefer lambs over bunnies for spring, but there is not nearly the large selection to choose from.

  7. Gosh, Penny. This is the time of year---here we are either staring at ugly black dead frozen ground, or a skating rink of ice and snow(that's this year). As tempting as Spring is have pity on us in the frozen north....!
    And, don't say the 'S' word! lol, Sandi

  8. Thank you so much for sharing all this beautiful inspiration. I love absolutely everything you do.

  9. Thanks for sharing your lovely inspiration at Vintage Charm, Penny!

  10. Penny,
    WOWZA!!!! So many wonderful photos with so much inspiration!!My favorite is the one with the mantle with the ponies in front!! Everything is so pretty!!

  11. There's so much inspiration... Fairy!!!

  12. Thanks for Sharing!!...Wonderful Photos!...I love all!!...God Bless!!...Very Beautiful!!...

  13. Aren't pear trees so pretty when they're blooming? Ours is in bloom now and covered in flowers. You have so many great ideas for spring decorating and I especially love the cups glued to the platter...genius! Thanks for sharing on MM.


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