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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

White Sunflowers on the Porch

I used to only use sunflowers in my late summer / fall decor......not anymore though!     Instead of the standard yellow sunflower,   they now come in pink,  white,  green,  orange......just about any color you would need to fit into your decorating color scheme.   I think sunflowers work perfect in farmhouse decor almost year round.

I have the shutter flower box on the front porch filled with white sunflowers today

I haven't had much luck using live plants in my flower box......the soil dries out quickly in the summer heat......and the flowers die in area's,  usually leaving a big hole right in the center of the flower!

I try to buy my flowers at yard sales and in clearance isles to make them cost efficient for my flower box.

I found these pretty white sunflowers at a yard sale over the week end for $2 a bunch,      As you can see from the photo,  I also found some other goodies!     The crocheted pieces were $1 each,   the tan and white pillow was 50 cents,  and the pillow shams were $5.

I filled in around the white sunflowers with some white geraniums that I bought at Michael's in the 60% off I had a coupon for 25% off my total purchase including sale merchandise!       A couple of silk Boston ferns and a Welcome to the farm sign completed the look I was going for in my flower box.

I stopped by Joann's while I was out Saturday and found some Farmhouse wind chimes in the 70% off isle

I hung a wind chime on each side of my flower box.......

Here's the other wind chime.

It's another beautiful sunny day here in New Mexico......think I'll just sit on the porch for a while and enjoy it!


  1. White sunflowers are so pretty and classy. It's a great idea to use fake flowers. Saves watering time. Happy Summer, Thelma.

  2. So happy I found these link parties, the talent is amazing. I love everything about this project. well done

  3. Oh what a pretty porch to sit and enjoy a sweet summer day. This year I used fake flowers too. No time to water real ones with hubby's illness..I used ones I have used In my decorating schemes before. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Good morning Penny, Wow, my eyes went right to the crocheted pieces. The pink is so pretty. I do love your flower box. It is so fresh looking and happy. I like the faux Boston fern. I put it up above cabinets in the kitchen. It breaths new life into other wise dull unexciting place to view. The newer silk artificial plants are great and one can barely tell they are not real. They are great when you don't have time for the real deal.
    Penny, you are always so clever with your finds and make something really memorable for all of us.

  5. Oh Penny, I love the windchime and white sunflowers. Sunflowers are so beautiful and look terrific with the geraniums. Thanks!

  6. That just looks like whip cream on a pretty. I have to use silks on my porch also---it just dries out that bad. Your dining area, sure has changed this year, and looks Fabulous!

  7. I love this whole display! Do you have much trouble keeping all that white clean & fresh looking outside? I'd love to try something similar but I'm even afraid to put up a white mailbox because I am afraid it will just stay dirty looking all the time. Any tips?
    :) gwingal

  8. Wow! These sunflowers look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these lovely flowers at the Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Party!

  9. Such a pretty display, Penny! I was happy to feature it at Share Your Style #216 this week (meant to get back here earlier to let you know right away... The week got away from me with job interviews). So pretty! Loved the few days I spent in the Albuquerque area back in 2005, I think it was. The air and mountains are sooo fresh, plus the hiking trails!!!

    Enjoy your summer porch,
    Barb :)

  10. Penny,
    Playing catch up again!! I love that shutter flower box and those white flowers look so fresh and charming inside of it!!


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