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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Spring Bedding & Pillow Talk

I put my light weight spring bedding on and when I started adding decorative pillows,    I wondered "how many pillows are TOO many?" 

I started with 7 pillows.........that's about my max. 
  When I see all the gorgeous bedding designs in the stores,   I have to admit that I love the look.    But at the end of the day,   when it comes time to go to bed and all those pillows have to be stored somewhere......where?  In a pile on the the closet......where?

I started playing with my pillows by taking the 2 blue striped pillows off.    I store my pillows in the little cubby under the bedside table,  so you can see I don't have room for very many

I love my spring chick pillow,   so it will definitely be staying     The 2 pillows that match the spread have to stay too,

It looks a little skimpy with only 5 pillows,   so maybe 7 is the magic number for!

So,  at the end of the day ......some of the pillows are stored next to the bed and in the chair by the side of the bed.......and in the chair on the side of the fireplace

I would share how the last 2 pillows look in the chair by the fireplace,    but the fireplace is out of the bedroom getting a makeover

I hope you enjoyed our "pillow talk".....come back soon!


  1. How many you say---well, I wake up with three on the apparently three less than what I start with!

  2. Your chick pillow is so cute. I also love pillows, it's a little messy at night because I just throw them in a corner. I believe there's always room for an extra pillow.

  3. The iron bed is everything. I had to tell myself to get back to the pillows, lol. The little chicken pillow is adorable.

  4. I love the bed too, and I'm addicted to pretty pillows! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  5. Penny,
    I love your bedroom and that chick pillow is adorable. Congratulations, you are being featured on Happiness Is Homemade this weekend.


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