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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Spring She Shed

It was 83 degree's here in Eastern New Mexico yesterday and today is supposed to be just as warm.     H and I spent the day in the back yard enjoying the sun and doing a little work....not a lot....just a!

H mowed the grass and I puttered around in my She Shed.

Come on in and have a look around.........

I have my Shed decorated for spring.....with touches of Easter......and  hints of summer.    

I created a simply vignette in my greenery tray......

I have an old tool box in the window that I would normally fill with spring plants from the garden center.    Since we are staying home and staying safe,   I filled my tool box with silk plants      

I had bought 2 Boston ferns several weeks ago,  so I do have a couple of live plants to enjoy.

Next to my fern,   I have the sweetest duck with her pink boots on.......

The garden flag I ordered from Amazon came in a few days ago and instead of hanging it I decided to frame it.    H made me a frame with some wood he had in his stash and stapled the flag to the frame    I have my "yard art" in the shed for now,   but I plan to use it in the yard later.    Can't wait to show you how,   but that's another post!

This is my chair......I could sit in it for hours reading  or just relaxing.    The headboard benches are cute,  but not too comfortable to sit on for long periods of!

Here is my other fern and next to it I have a vase of Bradford Pear blossoms 

My favorite chenille Mama bunny and baby.....

And last,  but certainly not least......H gave my little table a fresh coat of white paint.    It looks so much better now....thank you H!

Thank you so much for stopping by.....please come back soon!    Stay Home and Stay Safe......


  1. Good morning,
    We are trying to get snow this morning. We have a heavy, foggy mist going on. Oh, it Spring Time in the Rockies and any kind of weather can happen.
    Oh, How I LOVE the BOSTON FERN, the FLAG Mr H framed and GRANDMA BUNNIE with GRANDBABY!!!!!!!!!!
    Boston Ferns just say hello Summer to me. I try to always have several. I have one in my waiting room at work. It's a little sad and ready for out doors. The flag is so cute, please tell us where you bought it; I know you ordered off of Amazon, where? Do you know where you got the bunnies? I love Spring and Summer so much. I need to live where they never end as would garden all the time. I don't like the jungles of the world, but I love my gardens.
    Thanks for sharing and have a super weekend.

  2. Penny,
    Forgot to ask where did Ms Duck with pink wellies come from, Hobby Lobby???
    Love her too.

  3. So lovely! This is the first time I've seen inside your shed and it is as delightful as I'd knew it would be. Loving the truck poster in the back.

  4. What a great idea to frame the flag! Awesome space!

  5. What a great idea to frame the flag! Awesome space!

  6. Thank you for your posting that makes me smile. I had a stressful day as I am sure many of your readers have. I am so very weary from hearing all the news and numbers on the t.v. My adult daughter got hit by a person texting and driving while she was riding her bike. Thank goodness she got his license plate number as he left the scene and she has shattered bones in her hand! My grandson got laid off his restaurant job like so many others so am helping them out with food and paying monthly bills until unemployment kicks in. My son who lives clear across the country in Louisiana just got out of quarantine. He has pneumonia but tested neg for the virus. He too is laid off work, just had his new job for 2 weeks! I risked going to the post office to mail him a care pkg too. Forgive all the stressful talk but wanted you to know that it feels good to see your cheerful cottage decor and I count my blessings when I realize that there are many others much worse off than I am tonight. God bless all and stay safe!

  7. What a beautiful & relaxing place to have some alone time! Must be amazing in the summer!

  8. Framing the flag was genius! That little teapot with the chicks is adorable.

  9. So fun---I bet you love to be in there. It's just been so cold here, except for one day. I have two spaces now to do something outside, the greenhouse and the back wall where the landscaping was redone---and is still bare. Again, so pretty and comfy looking!

  10. Hello Penny! Happy Pink Saturday! Oh I love your she shed. Such bright Easter lovelies!! Thank you so much for sharing with us. PS I'm your newest follower!

  11. Thank you Penny for sharing comfort and beauty in your sweet shed.

  12. What a gorgeous shed, I would never leave there.

  13. What a pretty space, I am totally in love with that tea pot!

  14. Such a cozy space! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  15. Penny,
    You are so welcome for the feature. There's nothing like a "she shed". That is so cute that the Dr thought you should be a Penny and your Mom followed his suggestion. Lovely story.
    Stay healthy.


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