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Saturday, April 18, 2020

After Easter Mantel

Well,  I took down my Easter what do I do????    It's too early for a summer mantel...maybe something for Memorial Day?     I finally  decided to create a non seasonal....non holiday mantel in it's place. 
 The inspiration for my mantel came from a drive in the country that H & I recently took and a discounted 2019 calendar that I had  received from Amazon.  .  

Calendars have gorgeous photo's in them,   so I frequently use them in my decorating.     I can still remember my grandmother using them to decorate her walls years ago....that's about all they had back then! 

Sometimes I frame the photo's I get from my calendars,   but this time I just attached them to the "walls" of my barn.

So,  I have a calendar photo on each end of the mantel and in the center I put one of my favorite've seen me use her many times in my vignettes.

You've seen the white Farmhouse sign many times,   but what's new is the architectural piece that H added to the entrance of the barn.   I bought it several years ago at a yard sale so I don't know what it was originally.   Any idea's?

The strips of cows that I added to the Farmhouse ribbon across the edge of the mantel also came from the calendar.

I hung a simple garland of vintage doilies across the front of the fireplace.......

The daytime temps around here are in the 70's but the night temps are in the low 30's  (crazy isn't it?)   so we have been setting the ferns inside at night.     We hadn't set them back out yet when I took my pic's so I just left them in the photo

The big snow ball bush that's in the backyard has lots of blooms on it so I put together a bouquet for the tables on each side of the fireplace..    

The blooms are still pretty green,  but I think they're still pretty.

When H & I were on our drive the other day,   we saw lots of fields filled with cows grazing on winter wheat.    Seeing those cows grazing AND the calendar gave me the inspiration for my mantel!   

I thought I would share the link to my pretty calendar.      When I ordered it a few weeks ago it was discounted to less than $9.....I noticed it is now marked up to almost $14!    I wonder why!

I always enjoy your visits so much,    please stop by again soon!


  1. Looks like your back yard would make a lovely wedding venue.

  2. I love cows, every year when we go to our county fair my hubby manages to get someone to bring me a cow to pet. Always loved your mantel.

  3. love the country feel it reminds me of my home town where both my grand parents were farmers thanks for sharing it looks great
    come see us at

  4. This is very pretty but I haven't gotten over the metal chickens you posted about a week or two ago. I got on the Tractor Supply website hoping I might find some. But no success. I loved the way they looked in your yard! :)

  5. Good afternoon,
    Wow, what a beautiful bunch of cows and dollies. Sure makes me ready for warm weather. We had a whopper snow storm last week. The poor trees really got beat up from the heavy snow. Lots of broken tree limbs. Nice to see your lovely home.

  6. I just love your mantel! I love the cows and the barn! It makes me miss living on the farm.

  7. Love that doily garland, I have some tiny ones that I use for mine. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm1


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