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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Back Yard Sanctuary

The back yard has been our sanctuary during these trying times......

H had plans to give the tea room a fresh coat of paint this spring,   so it seemed the perfect time to give it a complete makeover.     

H painted the entire building white,   then he put in a beautiful stained glass window above the doors.    You may remember seeing this window several years ago when I had it hung in the family dining room window.    Then I moved it to guest room window and now it is back in the spot light again in the sanctuary.    I seldom saw it in the guest room and now I can look out the kitchen window and see it every day!

H hung more of our stained glass window collection inside the sanctuary......

Below the window I have a church birdhouse that belonged to my mother.    We gave it to her for Christmas more than 20 years ago and I just knew it would be a perfect fit for the new sanctuary.

At the base of the birdhouse,   I placed a moss covered angel that I've had for many years......

There are lots of "destinations" in the back yard,   but the studio and the Sanctuary / Prayer Room are my favorites!

H added arched pieces to each side of the Sanctuary and on this side he put a non working fountain below it.....

I never can think of the name of this,  I have one on each side of the Sanctuary

On this side   I have a matching arch and plant.

Is there a Chapel behind those doors?     I'm not saying yes or no.....I guess we'll find out!

I wish my white geranium plant had more blooms on it.....

H and I have lunch sometimes out here at the table under the shade's very peaceful.....

H mowed the grass while I was taking pics of the Sanctuary.    I think the grass is greener this spring than it has ever been before ....and H agree's!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely darling! I love shabby chic, romantic, farmhouse blends like this! So feminine and light; perfect for spring. It does look like a perfect place to refresh your mind and heart during such trying times!

  2. What a gorgeous space you have! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Absolutely beautiful, so peaceful.

  4. you are always such an inspiration! thank you for the gift of beauty at this time

  5. What a delightful space you have created. Just lovely.

  6. I love the changes! You are inspiring me. Again. :)

  7. Good morning Penny and Mr H,
    What a wonderful peaceful, little sweet room you have created to get away and meditate. Mediation helps get focused on what we really need to be doing in life. We have so much noise and distraction that we can't even focus on God and what he has done for us. This is a true miracle idea to create a this sanctuary.
    I think your little green plant is a type of wandering jew. My mother had so many plants and I think she had one of these. Give your geranium a little miracle grow and it will be loaded with blooms. I give my geraniums a dose and they are happy as clams. Your ferns are amazing. I can't believe how much farther in the growing season you are down there than we are up here. It is still not very warm up in Northern Colorado. We are 20 degrees cooler than normal.
    I am going to try to buy some geraniums this weekend or next. I need color and plenty of sunshine.
    Stay safe and God Bless America.
    Thanks for all your sharing of such wonderful talents.

  8. I could relax and enjoy this place! Such a lovely, peaceful place! You will certainly enjoy time sent there! A perfect place where I would create poetry!

  9. Your backyard looks so serene. Your whole yard is truly a sanctuary!

  10. What a fabulous idea Penny. The bird house and stained glass window is beautiful. What a wonderful way to clear your mind and look up. Bless you and H for all the joy and delight you bring us.

  11. How absolutely lovely....what a perfect retreat, can't wait until you open the doors and photo the entire inside. I have a stash of miscellaneous windows upstairs in the garage I'm going to utilize this year. Broken panes will become mirror, and mayve even some mosaic on some of them....! looking forward to playing, if it ever gets warm outside! Hugs, what a special inspiration you gave me, us, all! Thanks, Sandi

  12. What a lovely post. I could feel serenity just looking at the pictures. Add in your sunshine, bird song, new mown grass, and a breeze and I bet it is just Heaven! Maine is still too cool although I am enjoying my daffodils!

  13. That stained glass window it beautiful! You are really making the most out of this time at home.

  14. This is so pretty! It is a very special sanctuary!

  15. What a lovely sanctuary to relax and have lunch. You are so lucky to have such beautiful outdoor space. :).

  16. We think your plant is a Tahitian Bridal Veil,
    sweet little blooms that look similar to baby's breath.
    You and your husband have created a beautiful sanctuary

    Linda and the dogs in Seattle.

  17. I can only imagine what it would be like to live in your wonderland. To have a prayer room/sanctuary would be magnificent. Everything is beautiful. Love it! Pinned

  18. I love what you've done with this project, Penny, both inside and out. It's such a wonderful thing to do at this time, and I hope you can spend lots of hours enjoying it! Thank you so much for sharing this post with the Hearth and Soul Link Party. I’m featuring it at the party later today. Hope to ‘see’ you there later. Hope you and yours are all safe and well.


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