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Monday, April 13, 2020

Back Yard Catch All Corner gets Spring Cleaning

I'm amazed at how much H & I have managed to accomplish while we've been Staying Safe at home.     We recently took on a pretty big project that was long over due...... 

We had a  little corner in the back yard that had become a BIG catch all ......if we didn't know where to put something.....we'd just throw it in the "corner" 

You may want to cover your eye's before you scroll on to the next!

I tried to warn you!!!!!

We took everything out of the corner. and lined it up in the yard....then we sorted it into groups.   The biggest group was a collection of bird cages/ houses that my mother had collected over the years and some that I had added to her collection. 

After everything was sorted,  I began to start decorating the corner with what I had the most of.......birdcages.      

I hung a couple on the lattice fence and scattered some around my wash tub flower pots.....

In addition to the bird cages,   I added a few new things to the corner.     I hung a Honey for sale sign that was a gift from one of my favorite cousins.   She gave it to me a couple of years ago ,  so you may remember seeing it hung in the sun room.      

To the left of the lattice work you can see  how I married 2 of the larger cages and put them on a metal stand then I added a couple more metal cages to create a Birdcage vignette ......

H hung 1 of the bed post - ceiling fan blade  dragon flies from the tree branches.    I have another one but it needs some repairs so it won't be hung til those are finished.

H took the fence piece and lattice piece that formed the gate into the corner and put them together on the block fence.    

We are still only about half thru with the project,   the actual corner still needs a lot of work.    So far all we've done in the corner is hang some old windows on the fence and some  bird cages from the tree branches

Lot's of changes in the corner since last can see how H reconfigured the gate.....the John Deere garden cart found a new's where it went.....

See you soon with more progress on the  "corner"!


  1. Such an adorable area. Love that dragonfly!!!!

  2. Nothing like a good BEFORE picture to make your readers even more impressed.
    I love the corner. AND I'd like to go shopping there... hahaha

  3. Penny this looks so inviting and fun. You always create wonderful, peaceful places to enjoy. Thank you for always making me smile.

  4. How fun to utilize so much of your 'stash'....and yes, it is amazing how much you can get time excluded, which is a major life/time sucker...LOL. Fun to see it all come cold here we can't do a thing, I took photos through the windows today with a 25 degree wind chill...Ugh! Sandi

  5. I love it!! What a beautiful area to entertain with, and just enjoy!

  6. our yard is just an extension of our house... some where to relax and enjoy ourselves as well as entertain company and keep nice for all those that like to drive by love what you have did with your back yard thanks for sharing
    come see us at

  7. Lovely transformation. It's amazing to see how much we accomplish when we have lots of free time. it all looks so pretty. I am happy to feature you at Love Your Creativity. Happy Sunday.

  8. Oh I bet that feels so wonderful to have that corner cleaned out!! What a huge change.

  9. Your backyard spring cleaning looks great, Penny! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  10. Wow! Wish I had that big of a back yard. Mine is pretty full now. Love your back yard.


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