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Friday, September 25, 2020

Whimsical Woodland Autumn Forest

I decided to decorate the entry for fall this year in a theme that is a little out of my comfort zone......a whimsical woodland autumn forest.   I had so much fun creating my autumn forest....hope you like it!

I began my fall forest by creating a banner using Kerryanne's Handmade club kit for September.    My banner has forest mushrooms,  animals,   berries,  and of course pumpkins.   

I created a paper wreath to hang over my banner that has fall leaves,  berries,  roses,  and butterflies on it.

I created a floral design under my banner using large mushrooms,  roses,  and pink owls.....

Next to my floral design is a picture of the vision I had in my head for a fall forest......

I also thought there should be fairies in my fall forest......

I put fall touches on the shelves on each side of the banner.    I have fall foliage,  paper fall pumpkins & leaves,   and sweet white owls.

I decorated the top of my big mailbox with a white enamel vase full of fall flowers and leaves,   and a woodland owl,  and a rustic pinecone pumpkin.

Here is a link to Kerryanne's blog where you can find her Handmade Club Kit for September and create your own Autumn forest........

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please come back again soon! 



  1. I love this look. Can you tell us how you made the paper wreath?

  2. I adore animals in whimsical scenes. This is darling Penny you do such a great job and you always make me smile. I'm headed over to Kerryanne's site....thank you!

  3. Good morning Penny, I do love the mushrooms and owls. The are so beautiful. I like the cooler tones rather than so much orange, black and brown. This kind of reminds me of when Joan River's daughter got married. They designed a Winter wonderland. This is like a frosty Fall morning.
    Thanks for the wonderful beauty you create for us to view.

  4. Love it! It turned out really cute.

  5. I love how whimsical and it looks. The neutral colors look beautiful against the splashes of color!


  6. looks awesome I love fall and for many of the reasons that you shared here I enjoyed my visit perhaps you would like to come see us at

  7. The soft colors of your scenes are so lovely. And, showing how the prints are your inspiration is so smart for those who are stymied for creativity. Take a print or photograph and interpret it for your own decor...wonderful ideas here, Penny! Thanks, Sandi

  8. I love that paper wreath you made, Penny!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your post with on the Embracing Home and Family Link-up party! We hope you join us again this Friday!


  9. Your posts always make me happy! Where did you find the sweet pink owls? I have some similar white ornaments for my Christmas tree, but I think they need these pink friends! As always, your creativity is perfect!

  10. So pretty! I love the pink and white color scheme. You make Fall decor looks so delicate and pretty. Thanks for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create Make Bake Link Party!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  11. oh my Penny.. it's out of your comfort zone yet it's so beautiful. I love the owl, the paper pumpkin, the mushrooms.. I love everything. Cheers from OMHGWW

  12. Penny,
    This is simply enchanting and what a fantastic idea!!! Where did you get those large mushrooms??They are so charming!!!


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