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Monday, May 3, 2021

How to Get Instant Color in your Spring Yard

When Spring finally arrives,     I'm always in a hurry for the yard to be full of blooms and color.....sadly I don't have a lot of patience for that kind of thing! 

A quick trip to the garden center and my yard comes alive with lots of flowers and hanging baskets.  

Hanging baskets are one of my favorite ways to add some quick color to the yard.    I have always had good luck with Boston ferns so I usually get a few of those.   I like Asparagus Fern too,  but haven't had any luck finding them this year.

I love the Drop and Decorate baskets that I have been able to pick up at Home Depot each spring.   I have some pretty planters to set them in when it warms up more at night and I can leave them out all the time.    For now,  I bring them out of the green house during the day and set them back in at night.     

I was so excited to see some mature Dahlia plants this year.....I haven't been able to find any in years past.   

I love pink petunia hanging baskets to add instant color to the yard......

I bought a hanging plant stand at the auction several years ago and it makes a great display stand for my hanging baskets.     I put my stand next to the Sanctuary and below I have a couple of pics sharing a peek at the inside. 

H and I have been busy over the last couple of weeks cleaning up the back yard,   purging,  organizing,   sending stuff to the auction and donating items as well.    I can't wait to share all our progress we've made with you guys!       Be back soon!



  1. Lantana and verbena come in many colors and are great in hanging and draping pots!

  2. Your yard is so "pretty in pink" ! ! ! :)

  3. I love your color scheme for your flowers!

  4. Such a beautiful post! I am happy to feature you at tonight's AAH party! Thanks for sharing!


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