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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

New Wagon for my Metal Goat to Pull around the Kitchen....yes, the Kitchen!

I had a wooden goat cart for many years and sadly it finally fell apart and couldn't be repaired.    While  strolling thru a local shop here in Eastern New Mexico the other day,   I spotted this wagon and thought that it would make a pretty good replacement for my goat cart.    The wheels and frame are all metal and H can replace the wood part if it ever needs it.

I always loved the way my little wooden goat cart looked with my metal goat pulling it,   but would that same set up work in a kitchen?   Why not!!!!

I filled my wagon with faux plants.......

Propped a big metal Farmers Market sign in the corner by my new wagon....and I have a windmill propped up in the opposite corner.  (you saw it in an earlier pic) 

And,    a fun faux peach wreath hung in the window completed my Goat Wagon Vignette in the kitchen.

I didn't change a thing in the's just like it looked when I shared my spring kitchen with you guys.....


This is how the little nook looked in the spring....and here's a link to that post if you want to a tour of the whole kitchen.......

I will be back soon to share a tour of the late spring/ early summer kitchen with you guys!

I always enjoy your visits so much,  Please come back again soon! 



  1. I like the wagon, it's cute.

  2. Adorable!!! Love the goat and the wagon.

  3. Your new wagon is perfect for your sweet little goat!

  4. You find the best things Penny. This cart would look great with pumpkins in the fall and ornaments at Christmas. Love...

  5. Love your style. I could live in your home. Charming and inviting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The wagon is just perfect for your goat! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  7. This is so cute Penny! I love the idea of putting your goat in your kitchen to pull your little cart <3 Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Farmhouse Friday - we're featuring you at this week's party!


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