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Monday, June 7, 2021

Busy Bee Buggy

We don't get much rain here in Eastern New Mexico,   but we have lots of sun shine here in the in the Land of Enchantment.    So.... mold and mildewed fabric isn't much of a problem,  but the sun fades it out after a while.

It had been almost 2 years since I had replaced the cushion and umbrella fabric on our little buggy in the front yard,   so it was pretty faded.    Instead of black and white buffalo check was more of a greyish light purple and dingy white color. 

I had about a yard of bee fabric left over from another project,   so I decided to use it on the cushion.    I hung my Welcome be sign on the back of the buggy bench.    Over the years,  you've seen me use this sign in the kitchen,   on the back porch,   and several places in the back yard.

My umbrella garland came from the  Hobby Lobby Christmas aisle a couple of years ago and I attached it to the umbrella frame with some bright yellow ribbon.    I had a buffalo check round table cloth on the frame before,  but decided to go a different route this time and leave the frame exposed. 

I always tie my pillows down to keep the wind from blowing them down the hate chasing pillows!   I just tacked some b/c ribbon to the back of my pillow and tied it to the wrought iron on each side of the seat.

I love the new look the buggy has for Summer 2021!

We've spent many hours in the front yard trimming all the dead limbs from the tree's and juniper bushes this spring.    You can see from the tree in the background that H took off some pretty big limbs.

H had to take out 2 big junipers bushes in this corner of the yard and I filled the blank space with a cute windmill and a bucket of flowers.    When the wind blows,   the chickens take turns pecking at the food in the center!

One of the reasons I chose to do my buggy makeover using a bright yellow color is because I had already given the She Shed a makeover using splashes of yellow.....

If you missed that post here's a link to it with all the details......

The pillows in these chairs are also tied down with b/c I said earlier,   I don't like chasing stuff down the!

The skies are turning grey and it looks like we might get some much needed rain tonight. rain,   just wind....glad I didn't have to chase anything down...hehe!



  1. Your yard is so beautiful. Really, just lovely.

    Wendy at the Inspired Eater

  2. Love the yellow buggy. Your yard looks pretty large in the pictures.

  3. Loving your Bee Buggy...very cute!!!

  4. Love your buggy re-do! The yellow really makes it "pop"! Have a nice day ! :)

  5. I love the new color scheme for the buggy! Yellow is one of my favorites and is so cheerful agains the black.

  6. OMG! I love, love, love this. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I love the "bee buggy." One can definitely see all the work you both have put in trimming and editing the planting. It all looks better than ever! Have a blessed day. m

  8. Cute buggy all decked out with bees! I love the look of the fabric garland on the umbrella.

  9. Love the Bee buggy!
    I am creating a small Bee themed garden in honor if my brother who passed away in March.
    My book "Bumblebee and Marty"
    The tale of two brothers, was written because we called him Bumblebee as a child.
    I lost my 2 younger brother within a year. Creating and writing has been my way of getting through the grief.
    My book can be found on amazon
    By Tina Serrano
    Your Bee buggy is awesome!
    I love it!

  10. Love how you redid the buggy, plus all your work in the yard really paid off - it looks wonderful. Thanks again for visiting the FWF link party and sharing you home and yard decor.


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