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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Summer Kitchen Tour

Welcome to our home where I'm sharing a tour of my Summer Kitchen.......

I'll start the tour in the southeast corner of the kitchen and we'll work our way all the way around......ending back where we started!

Isn't this white enamel herb planter the cutest thing ever?    There's a big pot in the middle and places for small pots all the way around came from Tractor Supply.   
 The sweet Hollyhock seed towel came from one of my favorite antique shops in Amarillo Texas......I have 3 of them scattered around the kitchen

Here's the second towel on the other end of the counter....   the Rose towel is my favorite! 

And the third is a Petunia Seed towel.....

and here we are back where the tour began!

Although my tour was short on was long on!     

 I always enjoy your visits so much ,   please come back again soon!



  1. I love your chicken! Can you tell me anything about it (i.e., who made it, where you got it, etc.)? Thank you so much.

  2. I love your peach wreath - - - ! ! !

  3. Very pretty! enjoyed the tour.. Love your "pink" stools! Cheers

  4. Such a pretty and airy kitchen!

  5. Very lovely...and the ribbons in the chandy...really set the whole room. Loving all your farm touches! Sandi

  6. Ever delightful and so cool for Summer. The little lop girl is the image of our long-ago RADAR, who came home in Chris's pocket and lived with us for a LONG time---sweet memories. Hope all is well with all---it's never dull or BEIGE at that beautiful house. Glad to catch up with old friends after such a long time out of pocket. rachel @ Lawn Tea.

  7. The herb planter is adorable. We made a trip to the Tractor Supply Store not too long ago. It's impossible not to find something I want. LOL

  8. Well your kitchen has so much to see, and I love the wreath with roses so dainty! But there was something that caught my eye, the drawer you have placed I am betting for extra storage under the counter, love it!! Thank you for stopping by to share on #omhgww this week!

  9. You do such a beautiful job of updating your home for each season. . . you inspire me! Your kitchen looks like such a lovely place to work.

    Thank you so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week!

  10. Lovely home! Can you tell me how you attach the pulley to the ceiling. I have an old hanging scale that I want to use in my kitchen but need some ideas on how to hang it from the ceiling. Thanks!


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