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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Cottage Slipcovers & Layered Rugs for our Summer Family Room

While out shopping the other day I spotted some Laura Ashley sheets  I instantly feel in love with.    So I decided to buy one set for my bed and an extra set to make some slip covers for the sofa and love seat in the family room.      I am calling my new slip covers  "Farmhouse meets Cottage" ......hehe!

I left the existing Flower Bar decor above the sofa alone since it fit right in with my new slip covers.    I did pack away the bunny that was on the sofa table and put a ceramic Boston terrier in her place.   I also packed away the faux tulips and replaced them with summer flowers.

I just love Laura Ashley prints and don't find them very often anymore,   so I'm always happy when I am able to find her designs.

Her prints appeal to the romantic side of me.....

I'm always happy to share where I purchase my stuff.....Burlington.....$30 for a queen set

Now,  I am excited to share my new rug with you guys.    I replaced the solid grey rug the one you see in the dining area,   because it had a lot of traffic on it and didn't wear very well.   It was under $100 so I guess you get what you pay!     I really don't mind that it didn't wear well because I love to change things out pretty often so I try not to invest and arm and a leg in them!

The big buffalo check area rug is a new purchase....$100 at Home Depot.    The blue and pink rug is one I've had a long long time and was not a cheap rug.....the little shag rug in the center of my layer came from TJ Maxx several years ago.

I didn't make any changes to the fireplace mantel,   but I did create a new vignette on the piano "mantel"

Love my pig and use her all the time in vignettes!

I recently decorated the small dining area in the family room and I have a link for you guys to that post in case you missed it.......

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please come back soon!



  1. Is that big blue and pink floral rug by Royal Palace? I do love it, but the black & white buffalo check is huge for the money. I really like your pig too !

  2. Lovely. I need to find slipcovers for my sofa and loveseat. I lean towards blues.

  3. I think that room must be a wonderful refuge and serene place for most readers---I look forward to the seasonal changes, the new-acquisition replacements and re-positionings, and the whimsical wonders that come to those magical hands at garage sales and serendipitous places. Beautiful, calming scenes and vignettes, with dreams and ideas mixed in---I so look forward to dropping in.


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