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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Summer Dining Room Inspired by Thrifty Pillow Covers

 Where do I get decorating inspiration?   Everywhere!   I keep a constant eye out for things that appeal to my heart and then try to incorporate them into my decorating.   

My favorite way to make a quick easy change to a room is to switch out the pillows.    While I was browsing on Amazon the other day I came across some pillow covers that I instantly fell in love with.   It was a set of 4 covers and one in particular caught my had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in a blue Mason jar. 

One of the other covers had a sweet scripture.....Love One Another.....

I immediately thought they would be perfect on my deconstructed sofa in the family dining room along with a sign I love.....Bind my wandering heart to thee.....

The centerpiece for the dining table was a no brainer......bouquets in blue Mason jars.....

Can you beat the price?    Well,  actually you can because when I went over to Amazon to get you guys a link they were cheaper than when I bought mine the other day......they are $12.49 for 4 covers now!

Now all I need to do is add a few touches of Mason jar blue to the lit display case and my dining room will be finished for summer 2021


Please let me know in a comment where your favorite place is for decorating inspiration! 


  1. I love the blue mason jars...I have a few always waiting for some flowers from the garden, but it got so hot---the peonies, simply bloomed and then exploded...sigh! Lovely room!

  2. I love using mason jars especially the aqua ones. Everything looks so pretty Penny, have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Penny! This room is absolutely gorgeous 😍! I love your color palette and your home is always so very beautiful!

  4. wow, love those pillow covers! Great deal! Thanks for sharing... Leticia

  5. I just love looking at beautifully decorated rooms on the net. I always find something that I truly love, it also makes me feel good to view these rooms thank you for sharing your wonderful room. Hugs from Meg

  6. I get inspiration from Penny's Vintage Home. What a deal on those pillow covers! Thanks a bunch, Penny!


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