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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Farmhouse Wheel Coffee Table

What is one of my favorite pairings?.....white and will stand the test of time.

I've used white in our family room very generously and I thought it was time to add some warm colors to it for fall.   When I spotted this coffee table at Tuesday Morning the other day I knew it was just the touch of warmth that I was looking for. 

I like to use the different styles of Farmhouse decor together and I think my new coffee table added just the right amount of industrial Farmhouse to the mix.

The sweet round coffee table you see in the before pic has found a new home in the sunroom.

A little late summer/early fall decor is beginning to happen as it usually does around this time of year.    As a blogger,   I probably start earlier than most people so I can give  my followers some ideas.    I always hope that you guys will see something in my blog posts that will inspire you. 

I added some pink sunflowers to my Flower Bar on the sofa table,,,,,,,,,,

Pumpkins will be showing up soon.......

I printed a FALL sign to add to the Flower Bar metal sign. 

I created a simple centerpiece for my new coffee table and can't wait to replace it will a more fallish one.     If you missed the post where I shared all the details about my centerpiece,   here's a link to it..... 

I consider August the month that I give the last nod to summer and begin the transition to fall decor.
 As always.   I love for you to stop by and visit.....please come back again soon....hugs.....



  1. The new coffee table is perfect. IT is industrial and blends great with your other pieces. I can't say enough about those pink sunflowers.

  2. Good morning,
    The new coffee table sure changed the look of the room. I do like the new look. I just read about sunflowers in the Old Farmer's Almanac. Sunflowers are the Happy Flower. Your pink sunflowers are so adorable. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I love the layering of the rugs. Where did you find the big blue one?

  3. The new coffee table is beautiful. It really changes the look of the room, making it much less formal and more casual. I love the sunflowers too, who knew they came in pink. Thanks for sharing on Sundays on Silverado.

  4. I love your new table! Those pink sunflowers are great too. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Pinned.

  5. Love your new coffee table Penny. It looks great and so do all the other changes you have made in this room. :-)

  6. Penny,
    Playing catch up!! The new coffee table is perfect for your decor and looks nice with your floors...


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