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Sunday, September 19, 2021

How to turn an Artificial Christmas Twig Tree into a Gorgeous Fall Tree

Who knew such a simple easy DIY could transform an artificial Christmas twig tree into sparkling fall tree!     

It was so easy that a tutorial is not even necessary.......I'll just tell you how it is done!

First though,   I want to share a few photo's of the the difference it made in our family room.    

My little Twig tree added just the little touch of fall that I was looking for in the family room.

The tree's give our family room a warm cozy fall glow.......

I took several close up pics of the way the leaves are attached to the tree. 
    It took less than half an hour to decorate both trees.     I just removed the leaves from a fall bush and stuck them on the easy is that!     I didn't secure the leaves in any way so they can easily just slide off when fall is over.     The hole where the leaves were attached to the bush were so close to the same size as the stems on the tree that I didn't need to add hot glue to make sure they stayed on. 

I've had my twig trees for several years but I have seen them at Hobby Lobby and I'm sure other stores have them as well.    There is also a large selection of fall leaf bushes to choose from at Hobby Lobby,   Michaels,  and Joann's.....and I'm sure other places too.

I didn't put very many leaves on the tree's......they have a late fall!

I didn't put the leaves on in any kind of order.....just eyeballed it and put them where they looked good to me.

The hole in the leaves didn't fit on any of the lit branches,   but fit perfect on the smaller bare stems. 

A few days ago,    I changed the fall decor on the sofa table so I'll be sharing a post soon with all the details!      hugs.....



  1. so pretty! I love that muted fall color of the leaves!

  2. I like your fall trees. Everything looks very pretty.

  3. What a fab idea
    Looks wonderful

  4. I love that so much! It's really pretty!

  5. Great idea! It turned out beautiful.

  6. What a great idea it just warms everything up Penny. Still love all your cow pictures.....

  7. I warmth of those autumn touches.

  8. I always love your decor, Penny! This is such a clever idea. The leaves really work so well with the twigs. What a lovely, sustainable decoration. Thank you for sharing and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party Community. I’m featuring this post at the party which goes live on Sunday this week. Hope to ‘see’ you there! Take care and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  9. Thanks for sharing on Happiness is Homemade! I love a good re-fab! Looks great!

  10. What a WONDERFUL idea, Penny! The autumn leaves look so pretty on those twig trees. And I think you were smart to do a "late fall" look--just enough leaves to be interesting but not overwhelming.

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week!

  11. What a brilliant idea and gorgeous result. Featuring when my link party opens up. I just bought a very non-Halloween tree to make into a Halloween tree so this totally made sense to me!


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