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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Vintage Washing Machines Repurposed into Fall Planters

Filling a vintage washing machine with fall foliage and pumpkins added a burst of color to our back yard.     Our yard is pretty big,  so the yard decor must be bigger than life to make any kind of an!

H has a clothes line and his collection of old washing machines grouped in an area of the back yard that is really pretty dull.     There is a large slab of concrete and a not so pretty chain link fence,   so the washing machines kind of distract your eye!

I have his old Norge washer filled with wooden pumpkins,  moss,  and lots of fall foliage.

H has 2 of these wooden double wash tub is in perfect condition and is kept inside but this one isn't so it is displayed with the rest of the collection.

The piece on the end is a primative barrel churn washing machine.

Next to the double wash tub stand ia an old electric line drying rack.....

The Little Jewel

The Little Jewel is a tabletop model,   but H has her on a rusty stand for display purposes.

Today on the clothes line,   I have........ 

a colorful fall table cloth......

and a Patriotic fall sweat shirt ......

In front of the washing machines I have a planter filled with pumpkins....

In front of the planter are a couple of colorful roosters    My dil planned to send them to Goodwill,  but I had other plans for them and quickly loaded them into my car!    

In this photo you can see a lot better how I have drawn your eye away from the ugly chain link fence and  big slab of concrete to a colorful fall vignette 

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please stop by again soon!


  1. Nice ideas for old washing machines and Fall decor. I remember my Mom using some of these.

  2. You always have the best blogs!

  3. Everything looks wonderful and colorful. Love H's washing machines and your lovely roosters.

  4. My mom used a wringer washer until the 1990s. I felt so sorry for her and was so glad when she was able to move and have the convenience of a modern laundry room. Penny, what do you use in the bottom of the washer to fill up the space before adding the decor on top?

    1. They are full of potting soil since I have them growing live plants during the summer.
      They look so pretty when I have squash plants in them and the vines hang down the sides....hugs...

  5. So clever. I love your roosters. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a neat way to repurpose an old washing machine!

  7. These images are amazing! I love them and the photos are really great!

  8. I wish I had my grandmothers wringer machine to make up a cute display, you are amazing Penny, tis is so cute!!! Dont forget to stop by #omhgww #280 and share your blog.

  9. Oh, all the vintage washing machine are awesome. I'm loving how you added floral to make the washer stand out. Great decorating.

  10. What a lovely idea Penny! I have a vintage wringer machine and I'm going to try this idea next Fall. Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Farmhouse Friday - we're featuring you at tomorrow's party!

  11. You have a great talent for making vintage items extra pretty!


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