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Monday, November 8, 2021

Neutral Nativity Scene with a Hint of Farmhouse Style

I have a few nativity sets,   and I think the neutral ones are absolutely my favorite.....hands down!    I like to feel calmness when I look at a nativity set and sometimes the really colorful ones don't give me that calm feeling that I am looking for during the holidays.   

The master bedroom is one of my favorite sanctuary spots to hang out in after a hectic day of shopping,  cooking,  decorating,  etc.   so it's kind of my "go to room" to set up a Nativity scene.

I used a lot of white in the Christmas master bedroom this year    I just love that is so serene and calming.

I mentioned earlier that I had a hint of Farmhouse in my Nativity scene this year.    I changed things up a bit from my usual and used a barn instead of a stable....kind of the same thing...right?    I found my barn in the Christmas Farmhouse area at Hobby Lobby,    but I intend to use it year round.   

The precious baby Jesus......

The wise men men and shepherd are gathered around the Baby,  Mary,  and Joseph.

I bought new battery operated candles this year.    The ones I've had so long have yellowed and had several scuff marks on them,   so I found pretty white ones this year at Hobby Lobby and I love how they look in my Nativity set.     ( of course,  I waited until the candles were half price before I bought

I have a pretty good sized collection of sheep.....they are all assorted sizes....small,  medium,  and large.   It doesn't bother me to create a vignette using all different sizes of sheep.   In fact,  I like the look of it better when they are not "cookie cutter"

I love flowers and I usually put a few in all my vignettes....including my Nativity.

Let' move on down and take a look at the shepherd boy....

He isn't the original boy that came with this set.    I don't know what happened to that one,   so this sweet pastel boy has to fill in every year.

I've spent years looking for just the right size lambs to go with my little shepherd boy.   All of the ones you see with him have came from yard and estate sales.   

I made some changes to the dresser for this years Christmas nativity.    I took down the mirror....put the lamps in a guest bedroom....and used my new barn as the stable.

The architectural piece in the center was hanging on the wall over the bedside table....the arches used to be hanging on the sides of the buffet in the formal dining room and before that they were hung on each side of the fireplace in this room.     The Silent Night sign is a new piece that I fell in love with at Hobby Lobby the moment I spotted it.    I love it so much,   that I may paint over the Silent Night and use it year round.    Don't judge me,    I can always paint it!

In an upcoming post,    I have new bedding to share with you guys.  my thin white tree,   the fireplace mantel.   and a couple more things in the master bedroom. 

   I always enjoy your visits so much.....come back soon!



  1. Very pretty. I love all the whites.

  2. Your neutral nativity is wonderful! Do you have a source where I could purchase a similar one? You have added unique pieces and it all looks so cohesive. Yes, it is calming to gaze upon your creations. I am excited at the prospect of hunting for my own neutral nativity. Thank you for the inspiration. Merry Christmas

  3. I love your new Silent Night arch from HL. I saw it there too and now my mind is thinking about where I could use it... I also love the way your shepherd does NOT match your Nativity set... and that you use different sheep. I like to do something similar. I broke one of my wise men so I have one that I found at a garage sale to fill in. He's a completely different scale but I like him that way. It makes him interesting. I also like to joke each year that he was late arriving to the event because he stopped off at 7-11 for a coffee, lol. I like making him more relatable. Anyway, I am enjoying seeing your decor. Merry Christmas to you, Penny, as you decorate and show us pictures of your creative displays.

  4. Penny this is a beautiful nativity set. I love the white too. I like the barn a lot it showcases the nativity pieces. All the white makes it serene and peaceful.

  5. Penny, I absolutely love your dresser setting. I do love the barn. It really seems more stable like than the old stable. Everything you have gathered is like walking back to Bethlehem. Thank you for sharing your ideas and hard work. It does make your bedroom a place to escape. The white is very peaceful. It seems clean and simple and no drama.
    Thank you again.

  6. How enchanting! The prettiest Nativity scene I've ever seen. Love the lamb, and the all-white theme takes one's breath away. Thank you for sharing ! You are so creative !

  7. Penny,
    Love this serene and beautiful display on your dresser!! So pretty!! I adore the addition of those lambs! So sweet!!

  8. I understand what you mean. I tend to like the more calm and neutral colored Nativities as well. Thanks for linking up and sharing with us this week. #HomeMattersParty

  9. This is gorgeous! It's my feature today on Traffic Jam Weekend. It's a little late, but it's up now. A little technical malfunction. Probably on account of the technician! HA!
    Niki - Life as a LEO Wife


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