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Monday, December 6, 2021

Christmas 2021 Kitchen Tour

I'm excited to share my 2021 Christmas Kitchen with you guys today.

The kitchen counters have vignettes scattered across them and as always,    the island is free of clutter and ready for cooking.   We all gather around the island and do the food prep as a family.....lots of precious memories have been made at this island over the years.

Let's get this tour started!

I'm calling this Vignette.....White Enamel!     I used a white enamel tray,   candle sticks,   and picture easel to create my vignette

 I staged the kitchen for my post,   so I have the sink cover on for the photo's.     It is tucked away most of the time,   but I do get it out when I have a party and need more counter space to serve on. 

You are going to see parts of the chandelier hanging over the island in almost ever picture of my Christmas kitchen.     I hung sweet little snowmen wearing  cute trapper hats on each arm of the chandelier.

Let's take a closer look at the vignette on the counter in this corner of the kitchen....

The star of this corner of the kitchen has to be the lit Rooster I have hung above the counter.     I found this unique Christmas Rooster at At Home the other day and knew he was coming home with me.

The Christmas vignette on the counter is a Poinsettia Nursery 

Now the tour will move on down the counter to where the stove is.

Here's a better photo of the chandy.....the snowmen make me smile every time I'm in the kitchen

The Farmhouse Noodle board that H made for me really dresses up the counter when the burners are not in use.    H made it big enough to cover the knobs that turn on the burners so there is no chance of them getting turned on by accident.   The handles on the noodle board make it so easy to move the board when I get ready to use the burners.    I'll share where it moves to with you guys one of these days....hehe...

I covered a board with a piece of Christmas fabric to make a "picture" to prop up on my noodle board 
It may seem like a lot of trouble to move all this stuff when I need to cook,   but it looks so pretty and it's so easy that I don't mind at all.     

The last counter on the Christmas Kitchen tour is the coffee corner.

I don't have the Coffee Corner open for the Christmas Kitchen tour,   but here's a link to a post if you want to see how my Coffee Corner looks when it's "open for business"

I love white enamel decor! 
  I shared the vignette on the first counter that had the white enamel tray,  candles,  and easel in it.....then I had white enamel burner covers in the vignette on the I have a Old Farmers Market white enamel tray in the Coffee Corner vignette.    I'm using my tray to display a pink tree and a white mason jar,   but it is also being used like an easel to prop up a piece of canvas art    

Yep,   I bought 2 of the lit Roosters.    I knew exactly where I wanted them to go and I knew I would need 2 of them.

Well,   the tour has come to an end....for now!

The fabric I used for the picture over the stove is the same as what I used to cover the seat of my Santa chair makeover.     In the past,   you have seen me use this fabric for curtains in the kitchen.   If you missed the post with all the details of my Santa chair makeover,   here is a link to it......

I've only  shared 3 of the 4 walls in the kitchen decorated for Christmas in this post.  I'll be back soon with a post sharing the Christmas decor on the final wall  in the kitchen  and also the little nook beside the refrigerator.    I couldn't resist giving you a little peek at the nook......AND included in the upcoming post will be the reveal of the other Santa chair that I had to give a makeover.....AND where I put my Farmhouse Noodle board when it's not covering the burners.

Merry Christmas!



  1. Your noodle board is so pretty and custom built. Your husband could go into business making those! Merry Christmas!

  2. I just love your kitchen and it looks so organized. Mostly that roaster is awesome. The snowmen on the light fixture is adorable. You give me so many ideas, thank you for the tour.

  3. It's all darling. Visiting you from the wonderful wednesday link up.

  4. Beautifully done. I totally get using the sink and stove covers. Thanks for sharing at #omhgww. See you next week.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Penny! The snowmen in the chandelier are just adorable and so are the roosters! I have been to At Home 20 times this season and never saw them and they are just too cute! Beautiful kitchen and I thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. love the pink ponsettias and other pink touches

  7. Penny,
    You know that i am always amazed at the size of your Kitchen!! Looks great!! Love that hen!!


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