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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Weather Resistant Art Work & Budget Friendly Curtains for Our Christmas Porch

I am in love with the big picture of Santa that I have hanging over our fireplace on the back porch.   

Large garden flags have always been a favorite of mine to use as artwork for the yard.  They are weather resistant as well as budget friendly (usually under $20)    The large garden flags are almost always a 28 x 40,   so H custom made me a frame to hold that size flag.   A few staples will attach the garden flag to the back of the frame and the staples are easily removed when you want to put a new flag in the frame.     In fact,   I have a beautiful Welcome Winter flag to put in my frame after Christmas.  

H screwed my Santa picture to the deck frame,   so it's not going anywhere when the wind kicks up as it is known to do here in Eastern New Mexico.     

The weather here in Eastern New Mexico was just gorgeous today.....

Plenty of wind.....and about 65 degree's

H mowed the grass today while I was decorating the back porch.    Yep.....we still have green grass here this late in the year.

Now,   let's take a look at my budget friendly curtains      I made my curtains using a $10 tablecloth from Walmart.   The tablecloth measured 60 x 102 and I cut it in half down the center to make it a 30 x 102.     If you use pinking shears to cut the tablecloth in half it shouldn't fray so there is no need to hem the edge.   H stapled the fabric to the top of the porch frame easy peasy.....a quick project.      

Then I tied the curtains back.....well kind of tied them.....I actually tied them in a knot around the window frame.    I'm sure you are thinking "why didn't she just use a piece of fabric to tie them back?"

There's a reason for my!    The cats hang out on the back porch all the time and the favorite place to hang out is laying in the "hammock" that the curtains form when they are tied back by knotting them around the window frame.     None of the cats are in the hammock today.....

They are laying all up in my business napping as I try to take photo's of the back porch for my post.....

When I came out on the porch to take pic's,   I asked the cats nicely to go play!    You can see the gray cat leaping off the arm of the settee......he was laying on the top of the plaid pillow.    He startled the other one that was laying on the seat of the settee asleep.    But,  they both did as I!    The yellow cat in the chair just looked at me aren't asking me to go play....ARE YOU!

This little sweetie hung out in the chair most of the day while I was photographing the back porch.....he thinks when I ask him to go play that if he doesn't make eye contact he doesn't have to mind me

The sun is starting to set,   so let's take one last look at the porch.....

I know my post is long so I hope you are still with me!    I thought you guys might enjoy seeing how I decorated it for Christmas the last few years

I am almost finished decorating the sun room,  so I will be back soon with a Christmas 2021 tour

Merry Christmas!



  1. Penny,
    This is amazing and I am so jealous of your dry weather there...We are 9 inches above normal for this year in rainfall!!!! And we have snow predicted for tomorrow and Wednesday....I love how your porch looks as you know because I am a lover of red and everything just pops on your porch!! So pretty!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. I love your beautiful pouch.Do your cats ever come inside?

  3. I love your mix and match plaids both years! I think I like this year, but I love that wreath from 2020, so I guess I just like a mix! You’ve got a great space to decorate! It’s apparent that it’s warm, since you’ve got cats everywhere!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ridge Haven Homestead
    Homestead Blog Hop

  4. Very beautiful! Thanks for the great idea on the large garden flag! Everything looks wonderful! Merry Christmas!

  5. Very beautiful! Thanks for the great idea on the large garden flag! Everything looks wonderful! Merry Christmas!

  6. What a great idea to use a garden flag as framed outdoor art! I love how inviting your deck is and I am so jealous that you can actually still use it this time of year. Our deck is filled with wood for the woodstove and everything usable has been packed away for at least a month; it's much too cold to want to sit outside most days anyway... I love your impromptu curtains and now you need to snap a photo one day of the cats in their hammocks.

  7. This porch is incredible! Looks like the perfect spot to hang out. I am trying to make my porch a cozier spot, but I am finding it to be quite challenging to put together.


  8. What a cozy and colorful space! Totally loving all the color and your Santa picture is great. Very reminiscent of the 1950's Santa we grew up with! Hugs and Happy Holidays with all your gorgeous decor!

  9. So creative, I love your ideas for hanging art on your porch! The window frames and curtains look great too! So festive and fun! Donna


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