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Thursday, June 30, 2022

4th of July Yard & Porch Decorations

Over the last few weeks,    I've created posts sharing the front and back porch and I thought you guys might enjoy a short tour of them both at the same time.
 I also have shared the front yard and a little bit of the back yard in previous posts.    I took some new photo's of the back yard this morning that I thought you might like to see     So,  I have a short tour of the back yard and I've included some pics of the front yard that some of you may have already seen.

Some of our company will be flying in tomorrow and  I still have a lot to do before they arrive.    I know everyone is so busy getting ready for the long 4th week end,   so I hope you will all understand if I let the photo's do the talking for me!

Welcome to my tour of the porches.....





Now let's step out into the back yard.....


 And now .....the front yard


 Our property is just a little over an acre,   so we have lots of "destinations" in the yard for our 4th of July company to enjoy.    I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing them too!


  1. Great July 4th decorations for the porch and backyard. Love the patriotic sign/pic of the red, white and blue flowerpot then the bluebird on top of the flowers.

  2. Wonderful spaces. Very festive and welcoming. I really like the galvanized
    corrugated touches to your furniture pieces.


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