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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Summer Reading Nook in the Studio

I created a cozy little reading nook in the studio for the grands to use this summer when they are here

My studio sits in the southwest corner of our property...... which is a little over an acre.    The studio is the building with the Farmhouse sign over the doors  and the smaller building to the side of it is the Sanctuary.      

I'm asked all the time where I store everything.....well,   the majority of my seasonal and holiday decor is stored here.    The studio used to be an oversized double garage that we didn't need since we already had a double garage attached to the house.    H took down the garage door and replaced it with French doors. The big garage was 1000 sq ft of open space so H  separated it into several rooms using old school lockers and vintage doors as walls.    The largest room is at the back of the studio and houses all of my Christmas decor.    I've never shared that room with you's crammed full and always in a hot I probably never will!

I got side tracked with info about the studio,   now I'll get back to the reading nook 

The grands have a tote that we use to carry their collection of books in from place to place
I like for each of the  grands to have a tote for just their books so they don't get mixed in with each others.....or mine for that matter.    I find that everyone gets along so much better if there are CLEAR BOUNDRIES   
 I have the permanent books storage units  full of my collection of old Romantic Homes,  Romantic Country, and all the other magazines I've collected over the years.   When I need inspiration,   I go to the studio and look thru my magazines....they may be old,  but they are still full of great idea's.


Sometimes I sit here and read....

Do any of you guys keep your old decorating books forever

Sometimes I relax here to read my books....and maybe take a little nap    

 I use my chairs and the chaise lounge to store extra pillows......we just set them on the floor if we want to sit down

The studio still has the concrete floors that were there when it was a garage.    I don't need any floor covering in the studio because it also is used to store rugs when they aren't in use in the house

When one of the grands totes isn't in the reading may find it in the studio next to the little desks that I have for them

Or you may find their totes in the formal dining room where they can sit at their little table in there.  They all know just to move the bunnies aside when they want to sit down.....of course the bunnies are only sitting there at Easter

One of the grands favorite places to read is out in the yard laying in the shade on a blanket in the times   

  But MY favorite place for them is sitting in my lap while I read to them......



  1. What a beautiful reading corner for both you and your grandchildren!

  2. What a cozy reading nook! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  3. WOW Penny, what an amazing space this is. I love how your using it with special areas for the kiddos. And the reading nook is so adorable. I'm sharing your post on AAH next Monday. Thanks so much for always coming by and joining in!

  4. Oh my gosh! I just want to live your life. So much prettiness to enjoy each day.

  5. Your place is always gorgeous Penny, but what struck me most with this post is the life you live with your grandkids. Since I probably won't have any of my own, I'm living vicariously through my friends, and picturing you with your little ones warmed my heart. If I ever do become a grandma, I want to be one like you! Thanks for the bright spot in my day, and Happy Weekend! ♥

  6. What a fun place to sit and browse magazine or read books, I bet the grands love to come to visit, I bet theres baking involved too. Thank you for sharing your ever changing home, you and Mr H work so hard and I appreciate the time it takes to put your posts together to share with us!


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