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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Embracing an Open Floor Plan in the Master Bedroom & Bath

I love the open floor plan in our home but I've  never been real crazy about it continuing on into the master bedroom and bath.       Over the years I've learned to accept how "cozy" the master bedroom & bath are and now I actually embrace it

Our home is over 40 years old and was built when bathroom weren't big like some are now.    Since the bath opens into the bedroom it seems much bigger than it actually is.    The small window in the bathroom doesn't let much light in,   so all the natural light from the bedroom makes it much brighter than it would otherwise be.     
 How have I dealt  with the privacy issues.....well,  there are heavy ruffled curtains that can be drawn across the opening if needed.     And of course the bedroom door can be closed for additional privacy

The mirrors also help draw more light into the bathroom from the bedroom.

I'm often asked where these gorgeous mirrors came from.      I bought them at Hobby Lobby in Albuquerque New Mexico about 25 years ago.     Some of the other pretty mirrors you've seen around my home came from there as well,   many years ago.

One of the other ways I embrace the coziness of the two rooms is to use the same color scheme in them    Pale yellow,   soft pink,   and crisp white are the colors I am using in both rooms for a simple serene fresh look for summer  

 I am sharing the bathroom today,   and a tour of the bedroom will be in an upcoming post.   

 The star of the bathroom vanity is the pink jewelry box centerpiece      You've seen me use my jewelry box in many vignettes over the years .....

This time the jewelry box houses my hand sanitizer,  cotton balls,  Q tips...and the two little empty drawers hold my watch and jewelry at night  (btw it also plays music)      The doors in the middle of  the jewelry box open to expose 3 drawers that hold some of my personal items.

On the other end of the vanity is a vignette with some of the things I use all the time.....

The towel bar under the window has my new pale yellow towels.....a recent purchase at Tuesday Morning    (everything else in the bathroom was decor I had on hand)     The towels are a reminder to SMILE & be HAPPY

On the other end of the vanity is a vignette that is more for decoration than anything else


Then there is a wall that separates the vanity from the shower and toilet.      As I mentioned earlier,   this is a pretty small bathroom,   but it's really all we need. 

I just love these yellow towels!

Look to the right side of the photo and you can get a glimpse of the ruffled curtains that can be pulled for privacy in the bathroom

In an upcoming post,   I will share a tour of the bedroom.....come back soon!


  1. I noticed you have a yellow thing going on Penny and I can't think of a happier color.

  2. This is similar to to bedroom and the only difference is where the potty is...the same with mine behind a wall...the shower is across from it. It is lovely as if I ever took a has so much space! I love it there and keep my scales and my mirror there too. I will post a photo or two hopefully this week...crazy summer.

  3. I have a similar bed/bath combo and seeing your curtains is helpful; I'd considered some type of folding door or curtains. Thank you for sharing this!!


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