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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sunny Mornings & Sweet Dreams Summer Bedroom

I picked happy colors to create a peaceful summer vibe in the master bedroom.....sunny morning yellow and sweet dreams pink are the names I have given the colors I used

I wanted my summer bedroom to be decorated a little lighter & simpler than I normally have it decorated during the fall & winter months.   

 I kept the decor on the mantel light & simple......a pair of matching vases & a single piece of oversized art is hung on the wall.     

The tables on each side of the faux fireplace each have a chicken wire lamp and a small floral design on them that adds to the bedrooms simple summer look I am going for

I've kept the decor on the furniture that sits on each side of the bed minimal.....this piece just has a single floral design.   I left the 3 little shelves on each side of it empty for a cleaner summer feel

The TV is hung on the wall across from the bed for easy viewing while we relax in bed for a while before we go to sleep

Under the TV,     I have the top of the vintage radio decorated with just a few things..... 

I should have stopped decorating with just the white enamel piece but I couldn't resist adding a cute sign to the side of it.

Continuing around the bedroom,     I have a little more stuff on the dresser since I left the existing spring decor on the top of it. 
  I have a new piece of wall art hung above the dresser.   Our daughter and family recently made a trip to Waco,  Texas.    And of course they stopped by Chip & Joanna Gaines's Magnolia Market.    They brought us back a metal piece of artwork done by Jimmy Don.    He's the person that created some of the artwork that they used in the homes they transformed when they appeared in the show Fixer Upper on HGTV   His shop at Magnolia Market is called JDH Iron Designs

It was so sweet of them to bring us back such a wonderful gift....

On the left side of the bedroom door is the coat rack that used to be in the entry.   It belonged to my mother so I will always have a place in our home.     It isn't a common piece for a bedroom,  but I like it in here for a change.

I love the reflection of the other side of the room in the mirror

 I recently did a post about how I have embraced the open floor plan in the bedroom and bathroom...

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I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Sunny Mornings & Sweet Dreams summer bedroom and will visit me again ....soon!



  1. So very beautiful Penny. Could I ask.. where did you get the large Rose canvas? I LOVE it! The whole room is to die for! Have a good weekend!

    1. It came from ICanvass.....Debi Coules. Thank you so much for all the sweet comments you leave me, they make my day! hugs


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