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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Hand Me Down Rug for the Front Porch


I had a little bity buffalo check rug on the front porch and a big checked rug in the family room    The little rug didn't look good on the porch and the big rug in the family room looked heavy and wintery.  So what did I do?    I handed down the family room rug to the porch and bought a new lighter rug with a summer vibe for the family room

Isn't this the most pitiful little rug you've ever seen used on such a ginormous!

Now that's more like it!!!!

I have been hunting for a rug for the porch....FOREVER....with no luck.    I finally gave up looking and decided to go with a new rug for the family room and move the checked rug to the porch.    I already had a couple of rugs on the porch that had the same print so I knew the handed down rug would look great with them 

Here's a small checked rug at the front door.....

I've had the 2 small checked rugs for several years and they have weathered well....held their color....and cleaned up really good too.

The small rug that was under the porch coffee table found a new home a the far end of the porch in front of my repurposed grill.....

In case you missed's a link to that post with all the repurposed grill details....      

In the before photo,   you can see how I had layered 3 rugs that created a heavy winter look in the family room.    The big checked rug on the bottom of the stack went to the porch,   the blue rug in the middle went to the studio to be stored until I use it again,   and  I'm still looking for a place to put the cow hide rug.    I have several places in mind....just can't decide which one I like the best.

I am so glad that I was unable to find a rug that I liked for the front porch.   It forced me to go a different route.    I am in love with the new rug I found for the family room and can't wait for you guys to see it in an upcoming post.   

Thank you so much for taking time to stop by for a visit.....hugs    


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