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Monday, June 13, 2022

My $5 Auction Rug


H and I spent all day Saturday at the was one of the best ones I've been to in a long time.   Some of the stuff went really high and some of it went super cheap.     I bought quite a few things that I will be sharing in posts over the next few weeks.    Today I want to share a rug I bought for the sunroom that no one else even bid on so I got it for the starting bid of 5 dollars  


The estate auction was held at a local dairyman's home and it was full of high end furnishings     My rug was in the garden room and everyone was so taken with the   table and chairs that were sitting on the rug that they didn't pay any attention to the rug that was under it.   The furniture went really high but no one but me bid on the rug. 

Everything at the auction was in like new condition so my rug doesn't have any stains or worn spots on it....and smells as fresh as the day it was brand new.     I felt it would be perfect for the sunroom....and I wasn't disappointed 

I think the rug added  a warm cozy cottage feel to the sunroom....

I didn't know if the floral print on the rug would marry well with the print on the sofa but I am pleased with how they look next to each other 

I bought a faux lemon tree at the auction that I planned to put in the sunroom.    The lemons on the tree were kind of a harsh yellow so I'm not sure now if it will go in the sun room or not.    If I don't use the tree in here,   I'm sure I can find another place for it.     

I wasn't in love with the way the existing coffee table looked on my new rug.    So,   I traded it with the solid white one that was in the studio.

I like this one much better!

I gave the vignette on the water trough buffet a fresh look by adding a tiered tray to the side and positioning the picture a little differently.....the after look is in the photo below.    I also changed the tree arrangement in the corner at the end of the sofa.  

Earlier I mentioned that I bought a few  (4 to be exact)  new faux tree's at the auction.   I put my new olive tree in the corner at the end of the sofa.    I can't wait to show you some close up's of the gorgeous olive tree I got at the auction ...see you soon.....hugs


  1. These pictures make me happy. Thank you!

  2. Penny, I love your new rug. It's so pretty! Great find.
    Visiting today from Friendship Friday #27&28

  3. Penny,
    The new rug is just perfect!! I love it and you know how much I love your sun room and now it looks better than ever with the addition of the new rug..

  4. Fabulous score!!! It looks perfect. I'll never forget this $5 rug. Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday.

  5. I love it! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!

  6. Penny,
    Wow, what a great rug and such a deal. It looks great in your room. Congratulations, you are being features on Thursday Favorite Things.

  7. Wow-this carpet just so perfectly finishes off this inviting room-love it!


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