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Friday, June 24, 2022

Patriotic Back Porch

 I have the back porch decorated in a Patriotic theme for our upcoming 4th of July celebration. 



We have company coming in for a few days around the 4th and I plan to have breakfast and coffee out on the back porch as often as we can.

I love the Patriotic pillow covers that I just got in from Amazon.....and I'm thrilled that they go so well with the Cherry themed pillows that I've had for years.

I order almost all of my pillow covers from Amazon since they can be bought for under $20 for 4 covers that have the same theme.    (I'm not affiliated with Amazon....just like their stuff)

This cover is my favorite of the bunch since it has some pink in it!

H custom frames our garden flags to make us able to use them as wall art outside.

I have several framed garden flags that I rotate throughout the year 

My pretty checked table cloth is a recent yard sale purchase.     I bought 2 of them for a dollar each.   I have this one folded in half to fit this small table but since they are each 6 ft long I can put them together and use them on the farm table that's on the front porch

I made a centerpiece for our table using a pink chicken wire basket that you last saw at Easter with carrots and eggs in it.     I took those out and filled the basket with base balls,  and blue & pinkish flowers      I had 4 extra blue flowers so I tucked them into the flower pockets on each side of my framed garden flag over the fireplace.

I've had these plates so long that I can't remember where I got them.    I also can't remember why I only have 3 that are alike.     

This is the odd ball plate that I use to fill in for the missing one....did I break it....or did I only buy 3 plates....who knows!!

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing the area around the back I snapped a few photo's to share


I always enjoy your visits so much....please come back again real soon!



  1. What a beautiful place to have coffee in the morning and take in the view. Ahhhh....

  2. Gorgeous. Framing the flags is such a great idea.

  3. This is such a pretty space. I love how you change up the decorating in it.


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