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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Dining Al Fresco...... Watermelon & Sunflower Tablescape

H made a farm table for the front porch several years ago and he made it to easily seat about 12 people  We had the table sitting in the middle of the porch right under the chandelier.    Over the years we have come to realize that no one wanted to sit at the table....they would rather eat buffet style and be able to roam around the porch and visit.  

 I asked H if he could remove some of the side boards and make the table narrower.....more like a buffet   And of course he could....he can do anything!    I didn't want any of the length cut off since I needed it to to make room for lots of food when we entertain.     
He moved the table from out in the middle of the porch  under the chandelier and put it up against the house where you see it now in the above photo.    All we need to do to use it as a buffet is move the chairs out and let everyone serve themselves from the buffet.


With the big farm table gone,   there is room for all kinds of seating on the porch and any over flow can go out into the yard and sit.   

I'm planning to use my new buffet for an upcoming party so I needed to create a centerpiece for it. 

I have a watermelon / sunflower theme started on the porch,   so I continued on with that.....

In addition to using the table as a buffet,   I can still seat about 4 people at it for a casual meal... 

H and I are going to have lunch here my tablescape is only for just the 2 of us 

 I used buffalo check kitchen towels as placemats,,,,,the napkins are paper...... 

 and the watermelon plates are melamine  ( better known as plastic to me!) 


I'm using the framed paper art work as a "filler" at each end of the table.    The buffet will look full when I have it set up with food....I'll try to remember to take some pics when I do that  

In addition to the new buffet,   I have a beverage / dessert bar at the other end of the porch

H made our beverage / dessert bar from a sleight bed I said before...he can do anything!

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please come back soon.....hugs 




  1. You have such a lovely home! Oh the melamine plates are pretty cool - perfect for summer setting.

  2. Love your buffet table! It's so practical. Everything is always so pretty!

  3. I love your watermelon table settings!

  4. Hi Penny, I always love your amazing ideas. The watermelon plates and tablescape are such a fun summer look. I'm sharing your post at All About Home this evening. Thanks so much for always coming by to join in, we really appreciate you being there!


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