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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Styling an Antique Wooden Dough Bowl For Fall

My antique wooden dough bowl means so much to me belonged to my Mother.       Very few pieces of my furniture can accommodate such a large bowl.    My formal dining room table is big enough for it and there is just enough space in the pass thru between the kitchen and the family dining room for it to fit. 

It's so big that it can be quite a challenge to style it.
   I've filled it with pumpkins .....made a fairy garden in it....filled it with vintage Christmas ornaments..... and today I filled it with fall flowers     Any's over 3 feet long..... 

It was so quick and easy to fill it with fall flowers.    I create lots of floral designs so I have a pretty big stash of flowers on hand that I have collected for years.

Some of my favorite flowers have come from yard sales and auctions......great quality and budget friendly too

This how the dough bowl looks on the pass thru from in the kitchen 

I didn't use styrofoam or anything to secure the flowers in the dough bowl.....just piled them in there kind of willy nilly.   

I let a Flower Market sign audition for the space in front of the dough bowl.....I haven't decided if I like it there or not

I almost think the kitchen side of the bowl has prettier flowers on it than the dining room side...

What do you think  ?

Thank you so much for stopping by today.....I appreciate each and every one of your visits....hugs


  1. What a beauty! I love that it looks different depending in which room you are in. And while it is quite big, I think you did a splendid job styling the bowl.

  2. I have several dough bowls and love styling them. Your bowl looks great!

  3. This is a gorgeous dough bowl arrangement. I definitely want to invest in a dough bowl. Keeping an eye out!

  4. Totally make me feel totally inadequate since I haven't decorated a thing for over 2 years. Hugs and Kudos! Sandi

  5. Beautiful! We have one of these from my husband's family and I love this idea of filling it with blooms. Featuring when my party opens.

  6. Penny this dough bowl arrangement is gorgeous! And how special that it was in the family! I need to get a nice large one like this!


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