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Friday, November 18, 2022

How will I decorate our 2022 Christmas Tree ????

I haven't put up our Christmas tree in the family room yet this year.    Before I put up our tree,  I look thru the photo's of the tree's I have put up in years past.   The photo's give me inspriation....a reminder of what I have on hand,    and also what I've done in the past since I like for our tree to look a little different each year.   

I've had as many as 4 tree's in the family room at one time and some years I've only put up one.    I've had so many ornaments on the tree that you couldn't even see the tree and I've also went to the other extreme and let the tree and just the lights be the star of our Christmas tree.

Sometimes I choose a big unusual tree topper and some years I don't have anything at the top of the tree..... 

Tree skirts????/   One year I planted a pair of tree's in a stock tank.....    

Metal buckets.....

I've used a vintage quilt around our tree more years than I can count.....

I loved  the tree I created a few years ago and have been so tempted to duplicate it many times.    But,   like I said earlier.....I like to do a different tree each year. 

I put all my favorite ornaments on this tree.....

And placed a sweet lamb pillow under it..... 

This is how I decorated the family room last year.     My tree's are "naked" I really enjoyed them that way   
   What's my plans for this years family room Christmas tree????     I don't know yet,  but I can tell you guys this much......  I finally found slim pink flocked tree' for each side of the fireplace.     



  1. I like all your trees. Whatever you do will be lovely.

  2. I love the last ones the best---so interesting and ornaments always show up so well on those types of trees. So Pink it will be, can't wait!

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with this year! I'll be featuring your post on Thursday's Crafty Creators. Thanks for sharing!


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