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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Red, White, & Blue Breakfast on the Porch

We're having a heat wave here and the only time it's cool enough to eat outside is early in the morning.    SOOO,   breakfast it is!

I planned a simple menu......Coffee,   scrambled eggs,  and buttered toast.....then I created a red,  white,  and blue  tablescape at the bar on the front porch. 

I threaded a long flag across the bed rail.....remember,  our bar had a previous life as a sleigh!

The accessories for my tablescape had to meet one important requirement......only what would fit in a smallish box so I would only have to make one trip.    I kind of cheated though.....some of the stuff I used in my tablescape was already in another vignette on the porch.   Since the bar has to be cleaned off after Breakfast,    it's ok if I borrow stuff......I'll return it right after we've eaten.  

My little metal boy is a new addition to the porch.     I found him out in my junk yard!    I had put him out there when his mate broke and had to be thrown away.      So,  now my Garden Lady has a little boy....

I've had my Patriotic Farmhouse placemats several years and you've seen them many many times before.    I hope you're not tired of seeing them.....I really really do like um!  

They are reversible and here's the flip side  

We've moved all the potted plants out of the beating sun in the yard and put them all in the shade of the front porch.     Thank goodness,   it's supposed to cool off in a couple of days.

I've noticed a lot of events are being held this weekend since the 4th falls on Tuesday.    I love it when we can stretch out a holiday over 4 days!



  1. A lovely place to eat breakfast! Happy 4th! x K

  2. Enjoy the 4th and thanks for all your pics and great ideas!

  3. So darn cute, won't you be my neighbor. I am more farm and USA but absolutely love all of your stuff!!

  4. Oh my, Penny! I don't blame you for moving everything under the patio... We've been really hot and humid here in Texas. And it isn't even late July/August yet! Happily, hubby and I worked on sprinklers two weekends ago and they are watering for me. Too much to keep up on a day-to-day basis, lol!! ;) Very happy to share your post at this evening's Share Your Style #394 for you.

    Hope you had a wonderful 4th and that it cooled off enough in the evening to sit out and watch some fireworks!
    Barb :)


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