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Friday, September 22, 2023

Pig Out Boo...ffet

I designed a fun Halloween vignette to share with ya'll today.      

A pink pig skeleton is the star of my vignette.....

She is part of the advertisement for the PIG OUT BOO..FFET at the Phillips!    My last name just happens to be Phillips too.....!

I kept several of the elements you saw in my Fall counter vignette    I had to use my lit fall tree again for sure!

I found my little pig skeleton at Joanne's.    She was  a 'skeleton color"  before she was sprayed with pink chalk paint.   (Tractor Supply also had the pig skeleton but it was bigger than I wanted) 

In addition to the Phillips Inn Pig Out Buffet.....we also operate the Phillips Inn Dead and Breakfast,    I don't know why but the Grands don't want to spend the night with us!

A couple of pink skeleton candles finish up my vignette..... 

I almost failed to mention the ceramic pumpkin and fairy lights that are in my Halloween vignette......

I can't wait to share my tablescape on the family room dining table with you guys in an upcoming post......


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