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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Halloween on the Farm

My theme for the cabinet in the family room this year is......Halloween on the Farm

Do Farm animals actually celebrate Halloween???

I like to think they do since it's the most wonderful time of the year for them!    All those doggy treats....yum!

Chick O a favorite at the coop!

I don't like to decorate with anything scary.....this skeleton is about as scary as it gets around here.....

A fun Cat Witch with her two pet

I made several cards to give friends and family.    I decorated both sides of the card and it will stand alone on their desk  and be seen from both sides....

Just a warning from the skeleton witch.....Don't make her use her wand!

You can't celebrate Halloween without the cows!! 

Wish I could find some tiny witch hats for the cows.....this is when I wish I could sew....

This was such a fun design.....quick,   just download the prints  on my computer.... easy,   print on my home printer.....and very inexpensive decor.    Most of my prints came from Etsy and were less than $5 for quite a few different prints in a package.

I haven't always decorated much for Halloween,   but with 6 grands under 7yo....I do it for them!



  1. Oh, Penny!! I love your ideas!! I just ordered a download from Shabby Art I can decorate with "fussy cuts"! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I love your Fall into Pink decor theme! It's mine too!

  3. This post just makes me smile! Yes, animals celebrate Halloween, just ask my friend with four

  4. I love the very first photo with the cabinet framed by the leaves, especially. Oh, and the witch kitty is adorable!


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