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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Christmas Open House on Meadow View Lane

 Christmas Open House on Meadow View Lane

Minerva and Theodore would like to invite everyone to their annual Christmas Open House   

 They have decorated their front yard  so pretty for the holidays this year.....

   The 3 mice in the Christmas blow mold are singing Christmas carols.....and of course it's a lit mold....and there is music playing in the!

Then,    they placed 3 huge molded plastic Christmas ornaments on one of the big snow drifts

 The icing on the cake is a lit Snowman on the roof!

  Then,   you are invited to come inside and sing Christmas carols.....

Head straight to the kitchen and help yourself to refreshments.....

 Home made "Christmas cookies and Holiday Punch'

Then,  please join everyone in the family room.....warm up by the fire....and Theodore will read "T'was the night before Christmas"


Merry Christmas to all....and to all a Goodnight.....

Big thanks to  you all for coming to our Christmas Open House.....

Happy Holidays......Minerva and Theodore


It makes my day to hear from my friends!