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Thursday, January 25, 2024

To Paint or Not to Paint

To paint or not to paint.....I think we all struggle with that decision!

I decided to paint my curved glass cabinet and have never regretted it!   I don't plan to ever sell my Mother's cabinet so I wanted it to be just as pretty as my other white furniture.  

 The Front room is flooded with natural light so I also took the glass out to eliminate some of the glare. 
   (  The glass is being safely stored behind the cabinet )

I have my cabinet decorated for Valentines......

Farmhouse style!

Chicks and a small pink tractor

Farm trucks,  chickens and a cow

Step right up to the kissing barn and pucker up.....

On this shelf,   I have a vintage sewing machine drawer that has been converted to a lamp and filled with shabby  fabric hearts

We've made lots of changes to the Front Room recently....and more changes to come.....

Still not going to paint this China Closet......Just hope the room can come together without painting it!

I used to host the Family get togethers,    but our daughter does that now.     Since there was no need for a big table in the "Formal Dining" room anymore we took out all the leaves and moved the table to the back of the room......

We renamed this area from formal dining room to Front Grandma had a front room and I always wanted one too!   
 Now everyone has a big open Family room  and if you have an additional area it is usually called the Living room.    A front or living room is usually at the front of the house with the family room being at the back of the house.     Do you agree with my Red Neck logic or call your rooms by other names?     Let me know with a comment.....hugs!


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  1. I agree with you on the front room. I just renamed my office the plant room.


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