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Monday, May 20, 2024

Treasures in my Tiered Tray

My tiered trays are usually filled with holiday or seasonal decor,   but this time I decided just to fill it with things I love...... 

I have several sets of vintage ceramic chickens and wish I could find more!     The little hen is nesting in one of the Desert Rose dessert bowls that belonged to my Grandmother.   

I immediately fell in love with these cast iron chickens when I spotted them at Tractor Supply over the weekend.......I loved them so much that I bought 2 sets ........Boy are they heavy and I would hate for one of them to drop on my foot!

My tiered tray is sitting on the pass thru that divides the kitchen and the family room.    It's one of the few places in our home that can accommodate such a large piece.     I bought it years ago at the Hobby Lobby in Albuquerque, NM......  

My kitten music box was bought years ago at a yard sale.....some of my favorite things have come from thrift stores and yard sales.     The Dinner Prayer figure is also from a yard sale and holds napkins when I use her in a tablescape..... 

My son and dil gave me a set of 3 Yankee Candles Roses of Cliff Walk for Christmas one year.....You saw another one of the pieces on the other side of my tiered stand,   and the 3rd piece was used up a long time ago!

My sweet little girl figure came guessed it....a yard sale years ago!



  1. What a lovely tiered tray! I love the cast iron chickens you picked up.

  2. Penny, your tiered tray is fun. You've inspired me to pull my tiered tray and set a theme. Thank you!


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