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Monday, May 27, 2024

Welcome Summer.....Let the Fun Begin

Memorial Day is the "unofficial" beginning of summer and H & I are kicking our summer off with a quiet weekend at home.....

We enjoyed doing a little yard work and relaxed in the studio when it was too hot to be in the's air conditioned!

One corner of the studio is dedicated to storing Patriotic decor that I use in the house and yard 

Between the studio and Sanctuary there is a sweet little nook......

The nook is covered with trumpet vine so it's always shady there.....

H & I love to have a big glass of southern sweet tea here.....


Yep.   this is the best place to relax with a big glass of southern sweet tea!

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  1. What a pretty view and a weekend at home to enjoy it, priceless! Have a great week!


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