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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Summer Hoosier

We enjoy a lite supper during the summer.....usually just a pasta salad served in our ' everyday bowls",,,,,  

This summer I am doing things a little different......

I decided to use my "good bowls" to serve our salad in.....

I dug out my special bowls from the back of the kitchen cabinet ......

And proudly displayed them in the Hoosier.......

Now that they are easy to get to.....I plan to use them all summer to serve our "big salads" in!

I don't think I've ever shown this feature in the Hoosier.....

This part of the cabinet has a built-in chopping board that just slides out.....

Cool huh?    And the perfect place to store my other cutting boards

This is where I usually sit and have a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy looking at the back yard..... 

My view is a little different now.     
We had the tree trimmers come in last week and trim all the tree's and decided this one needed to be cut down instead of just trimmed.    I'm open to any suggestions you might have as to how to make the stump look Pretty!


  1. Why not use your special bowls and other special things - good for you! Love your view and your yard. Have a great weekend!!

  2. So lovely! I am trying to use my "good" dishes more too! Thanks for joining in on Home Matters Linky Party! I will be featuring your post this week! #HomeMattersParty xx

  3. Your summer Hoosier is so pretty, Penny! And I love the handpainted window, too! I'm delighted to be featuring you at Tuesday Turn About this week!

  4. Penny... I have a reader that would like to subscribe to your blog. How would she go about doing that? I see the subscribe box on the right, but can you only subscribe through those formats? Atom doesn't work, and it looks like you would have to go through another platform to subscribe.

  5. Your dishes are so pretty. Love the window. Hope all is well with you and H.


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